Concerts in Toronto We’re Excited for this April

Isaac Fontes
Concerts in Toronto We’re Excited for this April

It’s finally beginning to feel like spring is here to stay, which means the Concerts in Toronto are about to start popping!

As the cold weather is slowly replaced with sunlight and light breezes, the snow is continuing to melt away along with the feelings of isolation that winter drags along with it – luckily we always have music to get us through the tough times. Whether you’re going out to see a random local band at a bar or seeing your favourite artist, live shows are always a great excuse to get out for the night. From hip-hop legends to electro-pop acts to R&B, there is a diverse range of artists set to perform in Toronto this upcoming month that we’re looking forward to.

Overmono - April 6 @ Velvet Underground

Overmono, the Welsh electronic music duo consisting of brothers Tom and Ed Russell, is one of the most exciting acts in dance/electronic music. As the genre as a whole is experiencing somewhat of a resurgence in the mainstream realm, artists like Overmono are to thank for the heightened popularity, as they actively push the boundaries and deliver some of the most thrilling breakbeat tracks. They have been busy dropping music to kick off 2023, continuing their momentum from last year’s brilliant Cash Romantic EP, so when they bring their drum breaks and synthy basslines to the Velvet Underground on April 6th, it’s sure to be an exciting show. Tickets can be found here.

Lil Wayne - April 12 @ HISTORY

Lil Wayne Tested His Own Weed Products - PAPER Lil Wayne is undeniably one of the greatest rappers to ever live. Although his most recent full-length release arrived nearly two years ago in the form of Trust Fund Babies, a collab album with Rich The Kid, he’s hitting the road for a tour beginning early this month. Fresh off of his 2023 single complete with a DMX sample courtesy of Swizz Beatz and the release of his I Am Music compilation album made up of some of the biggest hits in his career, the setlist that he’s bound to perform is full of endless possibilities. From chart-topping hits to deep album cuts to tracks with an infinite onslaught of his witty one-liners, his discography that spans across his dominant run over the past two decades and beyond is unmatched. Performing at HISTORY, a beautiful new venue with a capacity limit of only 2,500, this should be one of the most intimate Lil Wayne shows in recent years. It sold out in minutes, but resale tickets are still available for a hefty price if you’re willing to pay to see one of the GOATs. Tickets can be found here.

Rico Nasty - April 16 @ Toybox Nightclub

 If you’re looking for an entertaining club night this month, make sure to hit up Toybox on April 16th where you can see the eclectic Rico Nasty deliver a highly energetic performance. Rico has always been a captivating rapper with an edgy punk aesthetic and even went on tour recently with Playboi Carti. Leaning into her unique crossover blend of genres like trap, punk and even electronic elements with her most recent album, last year’s Las Ruinas, a nightclub performance will undeniably be the most appropriate setting to see her perform some of her most exciting tracks from her extensive discography. Tickets can be found here.

FLO - April 18 @ The Opera House

 The British R&B trio FLO consisting of Jorja Douglas, Stella Quaresma and Renée Downer are set to bring their fresh sound and soothing vocals to The Opera House on April 18th. They only formed in 2019 and subsequently blew up in 2022 with the release of their very first single, “Cardboard Box.” Their effortless blend of pop and R&B elements along with their tranquilizing vocals and candid lyrics have led them to quickly gain notoriety and collaborate with Stormzy and even Missy Elliott for their most recent single, “Fly Girl.” Tickets can be found here.

100 Gecs w/ Machinegirl - April 22 @ HISTORY

 As 100 Gecs, the duo of Dylan Brady and Laura Les have been one of the most polarizing acts in music over the past several years. Composed of a countless amount of various elements from nearly every genre imaginable mashed together, 100 Gecs are never predictable and always highly engaging. As they continue to connect with their chronically online Gen Z audience, they’re one of the most chaotic hyperpop acts and are continuing to gain popularity in the mainstream. They’ll be hitting the stage on April 22nd at HISTORY along with fellow electronic duo Machinegirl, which will undoubtedly be a high-energy affair. Tickets can be found here.

U.S. Girls - April 27 & 28 @ Velvet Underground

Now based in Toronto, U.S. Girls is the musical project of Chicago-born Meghan Remy. With a number of her albums being critically acclaimed and highly successful in the alternative/indie realm, including 2018’s In A Poem Unlimited, she’s currently on the road in support of her newest album, Bless This Mess, and will be playing back-to-back shows at the Velvet Underground on April 27th and 28th. She will also be returning alongside The National and Patti Smith at Budweiser Stage on August 20th, so we’re looking forward to catching her at her own headlining show in a much more intimate setting later this month. Tickets can be found here.
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