Our Oscars 2023 Viewing Party Picks


The most prestigious award ceremony in Hollywood is just a few days away, and the biggest names in the film industry are preparing to walk down the red carpet for a chance to win the coveted Oscar statuette. Not included in the guest list? No worries! You can still enjoy the show from the comfort of home by hosting your very own Oscar viewing party. And if you want a party that’s sure to impress, don’t forget to offer your guests a variety of cannabis goodies for a night of endless entertainment.

The Classic Smoking Experience - Craft Joint Sample Pack There’s nothing quite like passing a joint around with friends while watching your favourite celebrities grace the red carpet. This pack of three samplers includes a mix of different strains, which have both the uplifting effects of sativa and the relaxation of indica—a perfect balance for watching the award show. They’re also prerolled, so you won’t have to waste any time rolling your own. Just light up and enjoy the show!

 Ditch the Booze - Orange Kush Classic Soda No party is complete without a selection of drinks. Some prefer alcohol, some prefer pop, and others want a beverage with a unique twist. This orange soda has a delicious citrus flavour along with the perfect amount of carbonation, making it a refreshing alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages. It’s a great choice for those who want to unwind and socialize during the award show without the risk of a hangover.

Snack Your Way to Happiness - Cola Gummies Featuring a classic cola bottle shape, these gummies pack an explosion of fizz that tastes just like the real thing. Enjoy the award show with peace of mind by discreetly indulging in these gummies—ideal for those who want a mild buzz without drawing attention from their prying relatives. Plus, with four gummies per pack, there's plenty to go around if you're sharing with friends.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth - White Chocolate Blondies Get ready to indulge in a dessert that's both sweet and decadent with these irresistible blondies. The Belgian white chocolate adds a touch of sophistication to the classic blondie, making it the perfect dessert for an Oscar viewing party. And they come in a pack of two, so you and your BFF can share.

Blast into Space - Popping Candy Take a trip down memory lane with this popping candy that offers a playful twist on a classic childhood treat—for adult tastebuds only! Your guests are in for an unexpected surprise when they try this explosive treat. With its bold blue raspberry flavor and satisfying pop and sizzle, this candy is sure to become an unforgettable addition to your party.

Featuring a variety of cannabis products at your Oscar viewing party is a great way to explore new strains and flavors while enjoying all the excitement of the award show. Whether your guests are seasoned cannabis consumers or first-timers, these top five products are guaranteed to make your party a hit.

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