Stoner Valentine’s Day: Winner and a Movie

Daniel Williston
Stoner Valentine’s Day: Winner and a Movie


Hallmark will have you believe that love is in the air this time of year. For some it is and for some, it isn’t. But either way, the time-honored tradition of watching a movie with a date, crush, partner or buddy remains classic date numero uno. But if you’re like me, Hallmark is great for picking up a card but dismal for romantic flicks. They’re boring! Predictable! Out of touch. Today’s audience demands more. Stoners demand more! So with that in mind, here are my picks for Alternative Romantic Movies and the strain that pairs best with them for this Valentine's Day.

The Fountain (2006) - IMDb


Before Darren Aronofsky revived Brendan Fraser’s career by finally showing that fat people are people too (when they’re played by skinny people in fat suits), he made this cinematic gem that never gets talked about anymore. Part drama, part sci-fi, and fully and unabashedly romantic, this 2006 flick starred a young Hugh Jackman as a man lifting heaven and earth to save his terminally ill wife Rachel Weisz across time, space, life and fiction. The movie is bold visually and thematically, and reminds us that though love cannot conquer death, it can bring life meaning.

Pair this with Deep Space’s The Grape Unknown:

This drink conjures up the courage Jackman’s cosmonaut finds within himself to boldly go, and it’s Sativa properties will keep you and your sweetheart alert enough to search for meaning in this poem of a flick.


Charlie Kaufman pens this darkly hopeful dramedy/sci-fi where Jim Carrey finds out his ex-girlfriend Kate Winslet has undergone an experimental treatment to erase her memories of their relationship, and out of revenge undergoes the same procedure. We follow Carrey as he re-lives his most painful and beautiful memories with her, realizing along the way that even our painful memories of love become intrinsic to who we are. With career-best performances from the leads and a supporting cast of Hollywood heavy hitters (Kirsten Dunst, Mark Ruffalo, Elijah Wood, Tom Wilkinson to name a few), this 2004 ode to relationships gone wrong might just scratch that itch of wanting Valentine’s Day to be a bit less twee and a bit more meaningful.

Pair this flick with BC Black Black Kettle Farms Triangle Kush:

It’s relaxing Indica properties with high levels of limonene to keep you feeling awake and creative enough to wade through this absurdist relationship masterpiece.


This little indie film from 2007 follows actual songwriters and real-life ex-couple played by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova as they navigate love in all of it’s wonder, bitterness, beauty and pain. Hansard’s broken hearted Irish busker is encouraged by Irglova’s Czech pianist/singer to record some of his original songs and chase after the love of his life, all while wading through her own complicated relationship with him and her ex-lover. It’s a beautiful story with even better songs that celebrates every shade of love while never becoming predictable or neat like a rom-com is supposed to be. It was shot in Ireland on a micro budget, and what the filmmakers lack in grandeur they more than make up for in capturing the delicious, small but specific moments that love and music can bring to our lives.

Pair this flick about the power of love and music with 1964’s Organic Sour Cookies.

A Sativa dominant flower combining the mellowness of GSC with the edge-of-your-seat Sour Diesel, this strain is perfect for getting wrapped up on the couch with your cutie and giving yourself over to the pangs of heartbreak and the elation of creativity.

The Fountain can be streamed on YouTube, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime.

Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind can be streamed on Amazon Prime, Crave, Google Play, and Apple TV.

Once can be streamed on YouTube, Google Play, Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

Deep Space: The Grape Unknown, BC Black: Black Kettle Farm’s Triangle Kush and 1964: Organic Sour Cookies can all be found on the Kindling page to order or at the Kindling flagship shop.

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