Elevated Pairings: Weed and Video Games.

CCJ Gabriel
Weed and Video Games

Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jelly, weed and video games.

Some things go hand-in-hand, and if you’re anything like myself, you probably like to smoke after a long day and lose yourself in a virtual world or two. With that being said, I’ve assembled five pairings of video games and strains (or products) that you need to try together.
Weed and Video Games Weed and Video Games

High On Life & Cold Creek Kush (Redecan)

High On Life is a science fiction, first-person shooter game that takes place in a world where guns and other inanimate objects can talk and crack wise. Not only that but it’s made by one of the creators of Rick & Morty, so you know it’s hilarious to boot. I’m willing to bet that nothing has ever happened more after a toke than a good laugh, so a giggly herb like Cold Creek Kush would pair well with a game of this nature. Speaking of nature, Cold Creek Kush is piny and reminds you of the outdoors, which is fitting considering the abnormal nature and captivating environment in High On Life. Pairing these two together will have each punchline hitting even harder, pun intended. 

Elden Ring & Mango Haze (Color Cannabis)

Most games bring people bliss and levity, while others bring stress and headaches. Either way, they’re both somehow considered “fun”, and Elden Ring definitely falls under the latter category. When you want to put in some hard time grinding side quests, and dying innumerable times fighting the same boss over and over again, you might want to try puffing on some Mango Haze. At a mild 10% THC, Mango Haze is a daytime, sativa strain that’s great for staying focused and avoiding burn-outs. This flower will definitely help players who like to put in long hours and analyze their digital surroundings. 

Marvel Snap & Organic Comatose (1964)

We all have that one game on our phone that we mindlessly throw on at night, and play until we doze off, or our eyes can’t stay open anymore… Or at least I do, and my game of choice is Marvel Snap. This mobile card game has exploded on the scene and has become incredibly popular in a short matter of time. As I’m sure you’re probably aware, the best buds for bedtime are typically indicas, and one of Canada’s most popular legacy strains Organic Comatose is just that. Resting at a solid 26% THC, this popular bud and game combo will have you crashed out in no time. 

Pokémon & Limon Splashdown (Deep Space XPRESS)

There is never a day that I don’t get lifted, and there is never a day that I don’t have a Pokémon file on the go in some capacity. Pokémon are famously handheld games, whether it be Pokémon Go or an emulator on your phone, or if you’re crazy enough to lug a GameBoy or Nintendo Switch around; the Pokémon franchise showcases and promotes getting your daily steps in. A game so active calls for an energetic body high, and nothing provides that quite like Deep Space XPRESS’ Limon Splashdown gummies. Grab a pack of these vibrant, 10mg candies, chomp one or two of them down, and take yourself on an adventure; both in-game and real life. 

Stray & Roulé Infusé Pre-Roll (Beurre Blanc.)

Stray is a third-person adventure game with Cyber Punk vibes where you take control of a cat. A game with such a simple premise has no right to be as good as it is, but it is. It’s easy to get lost and submerged in this game, and puffing on one of Beurre Blanc.’s Roulé Infusé pre-rolls before playing Stray might make you think you’re an actual cat. This 38%, ice water hash and flower mix will have you playing with yarn and climbing scratching posts in no time. Now, whether that happens in-game or not is entirely on you.

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