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Amanda Ramal
CBD-infused Bath bombs

CBD-infused bath bombs are quite literally the bomb.

What better way to relax after a long day than by lighting a candle (or a few), turning on your favourite music, grabbing a book (whatever your fancy may be) and running yourself a warm bath. Now let's add an extra dose of relaxation for you, a CBD-infused bath bomb.

There are tons of benefits to CBD-infused bath bombs! They can reduce stress, are anti-inflammatory, skin healing, anti-aging, relieves pain, and helps aid anxiety. Bath bombs created using CBD are often infused with other essential oils and fragrances, giving you a perfect relaxing product without any mind-altering effects - Making it an excellent way for beginners to branch into the world of cannabis.

Popular combinations of CBD oil, fragrances and essential oils used for their benefits include;

Lavender: For its stress-relieving, calming and relaxing properties. Known to help lower blood pressure, help you sleep and wind down at the end of the day. Rose: Soothing on irritated skin, Calming for any inflamed blemishes and helps improve skin quality by brightening and toning to even out your skin to look its best. Eucalyptus: eases headache and joint pains. Helps improve your immune system to improve overall breathing and circulation.

Another alternative is bath salts.

I shouldn't have to say this, but please do not consume… just use them to soak in the bath. When using the salts instead of having them dissolve into your bath simply follow the instructions on the product. Be sure to measure out the amount recommended, get in the bath, and let the magic happen! Everything works in alignment. The warm water in the bath (heat in general) enhances vasodilation (widening of your blood vessels) which is a result of relaxation. Relaxed body means enhancing your CBD absorption through the skin leading you to ultimate relaxation.


With many options to choose from you can evolve your bath nights from a mentally calm environment but a physical one too.

Everyone needs to remember the importance of taking time for themselves and allowing their body and mind the time to relax, destress and unwind. Even if it’s just for thirty minutes it could make a drastic effect on your mental state being able to connect with yourself again. So next time you are feeling stressed out, anxious or suffering from pain try this alternate route to relaxation. Self-care is important, so why not do it in a fun, beneficial way?
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