Cross Joints 101: The Art of Crafting Cross Joints

Jessica Mendoza
Cross Joints 101: The Art of Crafting Cross Joints

If you're looking to expand your joint rolling abilities or looking for a new stoner party trick, we're getting into the ultimate guide on how to craft the perfect cross joint. We know cross joints look intricate at first glance, but they are much easier to create than you might think. That's why we're walking you through the step-by-step process of crafting your very own cross joint that's sure to get you noticed at your next smoke sesh.

How to Roll a Cross Joint | Chronic Haze

Let's talk: Supplies.

Before we get into the intricacies of rolling a cross joint, let's assemble all the essential materials. To start, you need a few key items: 

Cannabis of your choice, a grinder, rolling papers (small and full-size), a pin or needle, and scissors. 

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Where Do You Start?

Once you've gathered all of the materials listed above, you start with your full-size rolling papers. This is not the time where 'less is more' when it comes to how much weed you're using,, as the more you use, the easier it will be to assemble the cross joint. Once you've finished rolling, leave a small empty twist at the end. This will make lighting your cross joint a breeze when the time comes to smoke your creation. 

What Now?

It's time to pull out your small rolling papers to roll a thin joint. This will act as the "cross" section of your cross joint. Here are your options; for an easier assembly, keep the joint on the thinner side. If you're aiming for a more even burn, consider rolling it closer to the size of the bigger joint you made earlier. Just like before, when you're finished rolling, make sure to leave an empty twist at the ends of your joint. 

It's Time to Prep for the Assembly

Now that you've rolled both joints, let's bring this cross-joint to life. With your pin or needle, you're going to gently poke a hole in the larger joint about three-quarters from the bottom. This next part is crucial as you want to (very carefully) use that same pin or needle to make that first opening a little wider. No need to be dramatic about it, but aim for a hole width that is slightly smaller in size than your thinner joint.

Now, moving your focus over to the thinner joint, use your pin or needle to make an opening through its center and slightly widen it, just like the first joint. This opening should be smaller than the first one and is what is going to allow the smoke from the thin joint to flow into the larger joint and to your mouth. This is what is going to make or break the functionality of your cross joint. But, no pressure. 

Let's Get This Cross Joint Built

how to roll a cross joint

The most challenging part of a cross-joint is the assembly. Being as gentle as possible, insert one end of the thin joint through the larger joint until the smaller opening in your thin joint is inside the bigger joint. Aim to position the small opening to the center of your bigger joint, this will ensure a better and more even burn. 

Give Your Cross-Joint Some Support

How To Roll A Cross Joint - The Essential Cross Joint Rolling Guide

To ensure a little extra support to your beautiful cross joint, take your scissors and two new rolling papers of any size. Remove the glue from the papers and wrap the glue in a criss-cross pattern around the intersection of your cross-joint to support the area where your thin joint passes through the larger one. Now you've got an airtight seal and more stability. 

You Did It!

How To Make Joint Art: Advanced Joint Rolling Steps and Tips | Weedmaps

It's time to light your cross joint and show off your new creation. You'll need three lighters and a few helping hands to light all three ends at the same time. Happy smoking!

Crafting a cross joint is an impressive and fun way to elevate your cannabis experience. With some practice and patience, you can assemble a cross-joint with ease. 

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