Discover the Best Movies and TV Shows To Binge That Are Filmed in Toronto

Discover the Best Movies and TV Shows To Binge That Are Filmed in Toronto

If you love Toronto, why not try spotting some of the iconic places from the city in these 15 movies and TV series? It's a great way to get your fix! We're big fans of escaping into the world of film and television, so we've put together a list of 15 ways to see Toronto through the lens of your favorite actors, directors, and cinematographers.


 Best Movies and TV Shows To Binge That Are Filmed in Toronto[/caption]

What Are the Popular Movies and Shows Filmed in Toronto? Get Ready to Binge!

Toronto has been the backdrop for many popular movies and TV shows over the years. From cult classics like Mean Girls and American Psycho to more recent hits like HBO’s Titans, viewers worldwide have seen Toronto as a canvas for storytelling talent.

The city is home to several iconic locations that have been featured in countless films & TV shows, including High Park in Etobicoke or Riverdale Park East on Broadview Avenue. Even some lesser-known cannabis-themed productions were filmed here in Toronto, one of them being an episode from Viceland's Weediquette series called "High Stakes." This episode focused on two medical cannabis users whose stories highlighted how difficult it could be to access medication during legal restrictions.

Toronto’s diverse neighbourhoods make it an excellent destination for filmmakers looking to capture authentic settings from all corners of North America. Whether it’s Little Italy or Chinatown, this city can do no wrong when providing inspiring backdrops that become part of cinematic history forever!

Top 15 Movies and Shows Filmed in Toronto

Watch these popular movies filmed in Toronto:

  • Shape of Water
  • Chicago
  • Total Recall
  • Goodwill Hunting
  • Suicide Squad
  • Pacific Rim
  • Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
  • X-Men

Then binge through these tv shows and spot all the Toronto hot spots:

  • Orphan Black
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • Workin’ Movies
  • Baroness von Sketch
  • The Handmaid's Tale
  • Suits
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation

How Can Cannabis Users Find Movies and Shows to Watch That Are Filmed in Toronto?

Best Movies and TV Shows To Binge That Are Filmed in Toronto[/caption]

Who doesn’t love to toke and watch a great film? In Toronto, Canada, there are plenty of movies and shows to watch that were filmed in the city. With a rich film industry, it’s no surprise that many productions have been shot within Toronto's boundaries.

One great resource is the official website for Film & Television Production Finance (FTPF), which lists all projects approved for filming within Ontario--many of which take place precisely in Toronto. FTPF also offers detailed information about each project, including cast lists and production companies involved, so you can find out what locations were used during shooting.

In addition to using FTPF as a reference tool, you can browse through streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video for titles featuring scenes from your city. These platforms offer an eclectic selection of content ranging from cult classics like “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” to recent hits such as “It: Chapter Two." You'll be sure to find something appropriate, whether it's comedy or drama!

Best Movies and TV Shows To Binge That Are Filmed in Toronto[/caption]


The Different Genres of Films from Toronto and Which Ones to Watch

Toronto is a vibrant city with many genres of films and television shows to explore. For cannabis users in Toronto, there are some excellent options for movies shot right here in the city. From historical dramas to comedies, viewers can find something that will match their preferences.

One of the most popular types of films filmed in Toronto comes from its rich history as a world cinema capital. Historical dramas like 12 Monkeys (1995) and The Aviator (2004) have been shot on location throughout various neighborhoods across the city, providing an entertaining look into our past.

For those looking for lighter fare, Toronto has many comedies that capture everyday life within this diverse metropolis, such as Goon: Last Of The Enforcers (2017) or My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016). Cannabis users can also enjoy more action-packed scenes in big-budget flicks like Max Payne (2008).

The possibilities are endless when it comes to watching film and TV content set or filmed right here at home! With so much choice available, Torontonians who use cannabis should be able to find an entertaining show or movie reflecting the culture they know—all while enjoying their favorite activities safely at home!

The Impact of the Film Industry in Toronto on Its Citizens

The film industry has significantly impacted Toronto and its citizens, helping to shape the city into one of Canada's leading cultural hubs. This is because so many films have been shot in this vibrant metropolis, from Hollywood blockbusters to indie features. This influx of production has created jobs for local talent in front of and behind the scenes while also bringing attention to local businesses that serve as locations or vendors for production.

Perhaps most importantly, however, is how these movies allow Torontonians to see their hometown represented on screen through iconic landmarks like CN Tower or Trinity Bellwoods Park that are often featured in projects filmed here. Having such easily recognizable locations helps engage audiences both locally and internationally, making them more likely to tune into content set within Toronto’s landscape – giving cannabis users a unique way to experience the city from home!

How to Find New Films and Shows Filmed in Toronto From The Comfort Of Your Home

Toronto is the heart of Canada's film and television industry, offering an array of opportunities for anyone to find movies and shows filmed in their home city. However, with so many great productions being filmed in Toronto each year, it can easily be overwhelming when trying to track down which titles were actually made here. Luckily, there are several ways you can identify these films without having to leave your neighborhood or even your own home!

The first option is simply doing research online – a quick search will provide numerous resources that list all the movies and TV shows shot on location in Toronto. Additionally, local tourist boards often provide detailed information about what was filmed and where; this could give viewers helpful insight into where different scenes took place.

Another approach would be streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video – they often have filters available that allow viewers to narrow down their searches specifically by location (i.e., only displaying content from Toronto). This makes finding those hidden gems much more accessible than before! Social media platforms such as Instagram also offer excellent visual references for identifying potential filming locations around town–just look out for movie-related hashtags like #MoviesinToronto!


There's no need to leave your neighbourhood to find new films and shows filmed in Toronto. With Kindling Cannabis, cannabis users in Toronto can have top-choice cannabis delivered right to their doorsteps in under an hour. So if you're looking for a great way to further enjoy movies and shows filmed here locally, then be sure to check out what Kindling Cannabis has available!

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