Top 5 Best Marijuana Strains for Stress Relief: Find Your Perfect Match

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Top 5 Best Marijuana Strains for Stress Relief: Find Your Perfect Match

We all get stressed as fuck.

Although how we deal with it differs from person to person. To make things easier for you, we have gone through our catalogue to help you find your perfect match when it comes to releasing stress. These not only will help you regain some peace of mind, but will also help with reducing inflammation and helping you sleep better at night. While being high may be temporary, it can still bring down anxiety and increase mood even after effects have worn off. But, just in case I added some tips that can help you with stress release at the end of this article.

Tribal Galactic Rntz Pre- Roll

Galactic Rntz — Canna Cabana

First up is Tribal Galactic Rntz Pre- Roll, it includes with Caryophyllene terpene, which is known for its potential stress-relieving properties. Caryophyllene is a terpene commonly found in various plants and spices, including cannabis. This spliff is not only convenient for the go but is perfect for relieving stress helping you create tranquillity in your own home.


Pearls by GRN CBN/THC Strawberry Melon

Toke Cannabis | NIAGARA FALLS | Strawberry Melon 4:1 CBN/THC Gummies

Next is Pearls by GRN CBN/THC Strawberry Melon contains a blend of CBN (Cannabinol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in a ratio of 4:1. CBN is often associated with promoting relaxation and helping with stress. This particular variant is infused with the flavours of strawberry and melon, providing a pleasant taste experience while potentially aiding in chilling out and stress relief. If you're not into smoking but still enjoy getting high these edibles will get you there with more enhanced relaxing effects and the price is worth it.


Abide Whole Hemp Custom Blends Pre-roll 

Custom Blends THC/CBD Products - WholeHemp - Canadian Made - High Quality  Whole Plant Hemp CBD Products Ontario Grown.

Similar to Pearls but without the high would be Abide Whole Hemp Custom Blends Pre-roll which is designed to provide stress relief. CBD is a non-intoxicating compound derived from cannabis that has gained popularity for its potential therapeutic effects. It is often used by individuals seeking relaxation and stress reduction. This environmentally conscious product not only has hemp flower in it but is rolled in organic hemp papers to help ensure a long and slow burn.




Carmel Animal Face Pre-Roll

Animal Face | Ontario Cannabis Store

If you deal with anxiety particularly, the Carmel Animal Face Pre-Roll is perfect for lowering anxiety and helping with relaxation. It contains the myrcene terpene which is known for its potential calming and anxiety-reducing effects, making it suitable for individuals seeking relief from anxiety. This spliff not only helps you boost your mood but also has the possibility to help with inflammation, digestion and immune function in the body. Keeping both mental and physical health in check is how we remain healthy and have a balanced lifestyle.



Redecan Gems 5:5

Redecan Gems 5:5 Cannabis Softgels by Redecan | Medical Cannabis by Shoppers

Finally in the line up we have Redecan Gems 5:5, it has an equal ratio of THC and CBD, both of which have various potential effects, including relaxation and stress reduction. The supplement pills provide a balanced combination of cannabinoids, offering a potentially well-rounded experience for those looking to enjoy the benefits of both THC and CBD. This is perfect if you have a high intensity day and are looking to melt the day away but want something more practical to fit into your lifestyle.



As promised, here are some tips you can use to help take your session even further.

  1.  After or during your smoke session or while you wait for your edibles to kick in, journaling down how your day went is a great way to see and organise your thoughts on paper. It will help to bring your mind at ease when you're thinking of 101 things at the same time.
  2. If writing isn't your thing, meditating, yoga or some simple stretches help release pressure, help clear the mind, increase blood flow and oxygen levels in the body. Which in turn helps with lowering stress and anxiety.
  3. Adding dry herbs such as lavender and camomile. 
  4. A walk in nature can go a long way. Getting into nature or getting some sun can almost instantly boost your mood and even help spark some new creative ideas!

No matter what your de-stress routine may look like, incorporating these products and maybe even these tips, will help you reach a more balanced state of mind and help you become more prepared when facing life's daily challenges. 

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