Pick Up The Books (and Bong): Top Five Cannabis Strains and Products for Studying

Zachary Barmania
Pick Up The Books (and Bong): Top Five Cannabis Strains and Products for Studying

Exam season draws ever closer.

Many of us will soon be forced to put down the bongs and pick up the books. These are the top five cannabis strains and products for studying to help those determined to keep up their weed habit and their grades. We’ll go through the five stages of studying together, and find out which weed strain or product is best for each step.

Cannabis Strains and Products for Studying

1. Planning

Tests and essays may seem daunting, but all of that changes after a little planning. Make an outline of every topic you need to research and a schedule for when you’ll cover each one. Now is also the time to roll a lovely sativa joint. I would recommend the Mango Haze from Color Cannabis. Don’t smoke it now, though. It’s best to start totally sober, that way you’ll remember things better. Things that you learn high are easier to remember high, so my biggest tip is to use weed as a reward, not as fuel. Hit the sheets; tomorrow, it’s time to start checking things off the lists. Cannabis Strains and Products for Studying

2. Readings

After an amazing sleep and a great breakfast, maybe a shower too, it’s time to hit the books. Head to the library, or hit Jstor, and start reading. Take notes as you go, rather than just highlighting. Notes helps you better internalize what you’re reading, plus you start putting things into your own words straight away. Everyone reaches a point, though, where taking-in new information is nearly impossible. That’s where entry number two comes in. Simply place a low-dose, infused gummy at the end of each page. I recommend the Censored Edibles gummy penises. Now you have colorful, tasty, phallic friends cheering you on from the margins. Once you reach them, you eat them, and reflect on the cruelty of a system that rewards you for eating your friends. 

3. Revision

Now it’s time to whip out the ol’ flashcards and start revising. Go over your notes again, read your old essays, and while you're at it, puff away on the vape. Try one of the BLK MKT Peanut Butter Mac All-in-one disposable pen. It’s enough to help you sleep and relax, without the groggy feeling of waking up still high from the night before. Pretty soon you’ll be up-to-scratch, and ready to go to bed. 

4. Work

It’s showtime! Time to sit the exam, time to write the essay, time to voice-crack your way through the presentation. Don’t smoke beforehand: words may not be heavy machinery, but they too shouldn’t be used while under the influence. Well, at least you shouldn’t expect a good mark if you do. Remember to take your time, don’t make your answers longer than they need to be. When you start to feel nervous, just draw from the revision you did last night, and remember that lovely Mango Haze joint waiting for you at home. 

5. Celebration

Balance is key, in all things. Study hard, and when you’re done, grab some friends and crack open an infused drink. There’s something for beer lovers, and cocktail fans, too. Muddle up some mint and lime, add ice and the Blum Strawberry Mint Lime drink to make a Marijuanito. A Marijito? Anyway, relax responsibly after a job well done.





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