How to use Cannabis for Inflammation

Amanda Ramal
How to use Cannabis for Inflammation

My favourite thing about cannabis is its wide variety of uses.

When we hear “weed” we often first think of Dazed and Confused vibes, stoned kids just vibing out. But when you do a little research there's a lot more that goes into that “vibing out” feeling. Terpenes, CBD, THC, all the chemicals that tie together to create effective medical alternative options to our health as well as having a fun recreational use, it all has an extensive journey.

People consume cannabis in various ways, for all different reasons. One popular reason being to help aid with anti-inflammatory needs. Inflammation affects your immune system causing your body to send a response of swelling, bruising, redness, and pain. 

Lavender is also known to help with anti-inflammatory.

Most commonly used in aromatherapy, there are many therapeutic and pharmacological properties in lavender. Essential oils extracted from lavender were successful in decreasing pro-inflammatory production. Mix these two together and there are so many options available using cannabis for inflammation. 

There are many approachable ways to help ease inflammation with cannabis if you don’t want to dip straight into smoking it. There are Calming Drops made by UfeelU which uses a sunflower oil base. Tastes of light hints of peppermint and lavender. Use under your tongue discreetly anywhere or add to a late night relaxing cup of tea or early morning coffee. The calming drops additive will boost any beverage you pair it with. 

Calm Drops - By: ufeelu - Mendo

Get a hot bath running, light some candles and add these bath salts to your tub.

Another friendly, relaxing approach is AXEA - Frankinsence Dead Sea Pink Himalayan Bath Salts.  Soak in and enjoy the natural minerals and oils that will leave your skin feeling silky, refreshed and relaxed. Contained in crystallized CBD isolate oils, each scoop of the bath salts will help elevate your bath experience. 

Pink Himalayan Bath Salts – Axea

These are a personal favourite kind of product for anti-inflammatory - recovery balms.

Rebound by Stewart Farms, Lavender Arnica balm is packaged in a reusable tin each containing a strong blend of 250mg CBD and 250mg of THC. The balm is non-greasy and melts into your skin like butter. Created using a blend of botanicals, mango butter, lavender, geranium and patchouli essential oils the balm will leave your skin feeling nourished, and smelling great. 

Rebound Lavender & Arnica Balm - Topicals - Cannabis NB

Don't worry, we've got options for our real smokers too.

an amazing bud to try out best for anti-inflammatory is Redecan Wappa. With strong myrcene terpenes this is a strong indica dominant with a sweet aroma and high THC potency of 29%. It is sure to help you wind down and take a load off of your shoulders. 

Wappa Cannabis Flower | Redecan

An amazing pre roll to have quick access to whenever you may need it is Carmel - Animal Face. Containing the best terpenes for anti-inflammatory Myrcene as well. This joint has a beautiful taste of lemon and cake. “Fresh and terpy” products are their signature and pride. 

Animal Face | Ontario Cannabis Store

It’s thrilling to know there are many options to help people of all ages suffering from illnesses and injuries causing inflammation.

The future of cannabis in the medical field continues to grow as more research is put into it. Being able to help aid consumers in approachable ways will help people gain more knowledge of the health side of cannabis and its many uses.

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