Vaping, Smoking, and Edibles: What’s the Difference?

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Vaping, Smoking, and Edibles: What’s the Difference?

The top three ways people consume THC or CBD are via smoking, vaping, or edibles. Which option is the best for you? Well, that decision is all yours. Start by reflecting on what your desired outcome is. Do you want to take the edge off after a long day? Do you want to become one with your couch and simply chill? Or do you want some much needed alone time to reflect. Or do you want all three? The opportunities are endless. Let’s start from the beginning.


The Pioneer: Smoking

Thirty years ago, if you asked anyone if they had weed, the assumption would be you were asking to smoke a joint. A little later, people became more creative and would bake brownies or cookies. But really, smoking was the main vehicle for getting high. More often than not, smoking THC induced a reliable and well-known reaction - you got high quickly.

Ritualized among friend groups worldwide, it often brings back sweet memories. Some friends would take just one toke, some would smoke the whole thing, and others would stick around just to send it off. Dosage was never really discussed - you just took what you got with little regard for any potential consequence. But times have changed, and so have we. We want to know what we’re smoking, how much we’re smoking, and if it’s safe. You already know what’s coming next - smoking is bad. When you inhale, it delivers the smoke into the lungs, where it passes into the bloodstream, and then up to your brain. You cannot inhale smoke without combustion. This involves a process of inhaling carcinogenic substances. It can also do lots of other harmful things. It can damage your lungs' defence line against infections by destroying the cells that remove bacteria. It can also suppress your immune system.

Ultimately, the choice in how you consume THC is entirely up to you. If you’re considering smoking, remain aware of the negatives as well as the positives. The process of smoking allows you to feel the effects almost instantaneously. It’s great for the busy professional who wants to relax after a long day. It also doesn’t require much of an investment or learning curve (which vaping can sometimes come with), and is generally considered to be an easy choice for a low-maintenance user. With the new legality of THC, you know the exact dosage, which makes the experience much more reliable and enjoyable than it was back in the day. That said, you must accept the reality and the risks that come with lighting up.

The Newcomer: Vaping The modern alternative to smoking weed, vaping is all the rage right now. The process of vaping involves heating cannabis to temperatures below its combustion point, which then produces an inhalable vapour. Is vaping better for you than smoking? Depends on who you ask. Many people do not like to combust because it leads them to cough, or they’ve never been interested in bringing something into their lungs. Vape pens are designed with simplicity and elegance.

They make for a great accessory. Two of the major pros of vaping are discretion and convenience. When you’re vaping, no smoke gets produced. Instead, a cloud of vapour appears meaning almost no smell. So you can be fairly inconspicuous – a benefit if you want or need to vape in public. Vaping vs smoking has a much different effect on the overall taste. Smoking creates a thick, and at times harsh smoke, which conquers the flavour. When you are vaping, the cannabis is simply heated, not burnt, allowing you to taste the colours of the terpene rainbow in all their glory.

Vaping requires a bit more maintenance than smoking because the vape pen must be charged. If you’re heading out for the night, make sure it’s charged or that you bring a charger with you. It's a sad moment when your vape dies just as you were hoping to use it. Most higher quality pens come with adjustable settings, which means you can adjust the temperature based on your own personal preference in order to yield the best results. By having this control, you can manage the level of cannabinoids you extract each time. The temperature of the vape pen’s heating coil is the most important factor to avoid potentially harmful risks. The Kindling Concierge is happy to assist you in sourcing the right vape pen or vaporiser based on your personal preferences and needs.

The Saviour (Sort Of): Edibles

So, it’s safe to say, smoking or vaping can both be fun and convenient at times, but both have some health risks associated with them. Enter: edibles. Edibles are absorbed through a much safer, cleaner passage. When you eat an edible, it travels to the stomach and then to the liver, before going into your bloodstream, and then your brain. Edibles are not for the eager. The wait time is much longer compared to smoking or vaping.

THC or CBD edibles can take 30-120 minutes to kick in, but good things come to those who wait as the effects last much longer. However, it would be presumptuous to assume that cannabis edibles are completely healthy and safe. The main risk with edibles is over-consumption, which could even be a serious situation in some cases. We all have either experienced, or heard of, a bad edibles story. Not fun. Because the onset time is a lot slower than smoking, users without much experience tend to take way too much before the effects start coming through.

So What’s The Bottom Line?

Slow and steady wins the race. Do your research and ensure you are informed on what the best consumption method is for you based on the effects you’re looking to achieve and your preferences based on setting, style, and taste. Kindling’s menu offers a product for every desired cannabis experience. As we continue on this journey together, we will dive into the many more ways cannabis can be integrated into your life. Whether you choose smoking, vaping, or edibles, take the time to figure out what is best for your own situation, whatever that may be.
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