What Stops People From Visiting Dispensaries?

Devlyn Spencer
What Stops People From Visiting Dispensaries?

Is it still just hippies and dope?

Some believe in no tax and can’t deal with the storefront hassle, while others love the cannabis retailers top-to-bottom.

Uncomfortability going into Stores

Not everyone does want to go into the dispensary to buy weed. There can be inconvenience with the retail space and traffic of line-ups. Seriously though, it can really be worse than a coffee shop at break, driving a lot of people away from making it a regular stop in their routine. As time has passed, a lot of dispensaries in Ontario have introduced delivery systems to up the ante in buying kush. No more leaving the sesh when it can be brought to you!

North York Dispensary | Cannabis Dispensary in Lawrence

Black Market Buyers

A lot of people, like myself, bought from your local plug long before a store sold cannabis legally. There’s something special about the connection you made with that homie, it may have been your first time, or had been a long term friend from your upbringing. At the end of the day, who’s to say a regulated product isn’t finer expressed than an unlabeled bag. Some of the time things can be sketchy and won’t be great for you to smoke, while all of the time tested and regulated products can serve as reliable. Although it may be faster and easier to obtain, there can be major lack in safety gone into the process of quality control. Trusted carriers are the only choice of Kindling to have products brought from our home to yours.  

Accessibility Issues

A variety of businesses can lack in proactivity towards accommodating those who require accessibility needs. It can seem so depleting to someone who can’t experience the same as another. Efforts should push further to be able to reach and help with people and the needs of life! There does seem to be a stigmatizing effect around who is the average consumer of weed, as well as the typical budtender, but we are the people and every person deserves to have the equal amount of opportunity, considering the well-timed methods of buying and receiving. With Kindling, you can certainly reach more quicker with the delivery options available. You don’t have to stress about making it a quick trip to the store!

Snapshot: a cannabis dispensary in Canada | Courier - Mailchimp

Quicker and Easier than EVER?

Not every journey to the potshop is sunny skies and rainbows. There’s times you just have this, that and dinner to eat, no time for interruption! Ten years ago, in a perfect world your dealer would come to you, roll up and smoke you til you buy but unfortunately this isn’t the flawless planet you may fantasize about. Ordering through Kindling, you’re given free 1-hour delivery anywhere in Toronto and a majority of locations Ontario-wide are promised best efforts of having delivery fulfilled within free 1-day shipping at a minimum purchase of $40.

Next Time…

When it comes to re-up, take a moment and think about trying something new. Considering Kindling and the special service offered, we take pride in you as for representing the true peace and convenience of what this industry is capable of.

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