Your Guide To Camping With Cannabis

Amanda Ramal
Your Guide To Camping With Cannabis

As Summer rolls around once again for a lot of people that means it’s finally prime time camping season.

After months of pre-booking camping spots the long wait is finally over. Pack up everything you need and don't forget the weed! 


Here are a bunch of user friendly - on the going cannabis items to bring along for your get away trip.


MSIKU - Live Resin Variety Pack 

Live Resin Variety Pack 510 Thread Cartridge | Ontario Cannabis Store

This 510 thread cart has three flavourful cartridges for you to try. Each filled with 0.5 grams perfect to fit on any 510 cart. This multi-pack of carts contains each a sativa, indica and balanced THC/CBD blend. Extracted from premium AAAA flower that's been freshly harvested and flash frozen to offer a full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids, these carts will keep you high while being away from home.

TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer 

Shop TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer in Black HERE.

TOQi 510 Oil Cartridge Vaporizer Review - VapeFuse Blog

This vaporizer is so convenient on camping trips. With fast charging technololgy, it is the first 510 thread compatible battery that is QI compatible. You are able to wirelessly charge this vaporizer or charge it with a USB-C cord as most electronics are preliminary charged with now. Perfect to try out with the MSIKU variety pack. You won’t be waiting long for your vape to charge unlike most. Because how often have you reached for a hit all to realize it’s dead? 


General Admission - Distillate Infused Pre-Roll Taser Pack 

Shop General Admission - Distillate Infused Pre-Roll Taster Pack HERE.

General Admission - Distillate Infused Pre-Roll Taster Pack - 3x0.5g |  Flower Pot Cannabis

These joints come in a multi-pack of three. Each joint contains 0.5 grams and a variety of strains such as Rainbow Sherb with 38% THC, Peach Rings with 37% THC and Tiger Blood with 37.5% THC. These pre-rolls are infused to give you both a bold but balanced flavour. These strong infused joints will help add some extra fun to your trip. 

Divvy - Pineapple Nuken Pre-Roll 

Shop Divvy - Pineapple Nuken Pre-Roll HERE.

Pineapple Nuken Pre-Rolls - Divvy - Pre-Rolled | Fire & Flower

Not for the weak but excellent for a large group of people or a long camping endeavor. 56 beautifully rolled joints with 0.5 grams each. This pack of joints will keep you stocked up for quite some time. This bud is 26.0% THC with a sweet fruity aroma and an earthy undertone; its exotic terpene profile will meet your needs. 


Green Jay Pre-Roll E-Lighter 

Shop Green Jay Pre-Roll E-Lighter HERE.

Pre-roll Lighter — Green Jay – Doob Tubes

Be the hero on a windy day this windproof lighter is rechargeable with a long-lasting battery. With three simple yet unique designs this compact and reliable lighter will be your savior on a windy day outdoors when you’re still looking to spark up.

StashLogix Small Silverton

Shop StashLogix Small Silverton HERE.

SL SIL-002 - Silverton by STASHLOGIX - Small - BOB Headquarters


The StashLogix Small Silverton portable stash box is an excellent secure storage case to bring on any outdoors trip. With smell-proof and lockable technology you will be able to secure items with ease and keep everything discreet. The inside is easy to keep clean. With smell-proof OdorPax (odor absorbing packet), keep all your goodies hidden.

Embrace the Summer weather and remember to follow all regulations when camping, consume responsibly and stay safe. 

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