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The Ongoing Highs & Lows of Weed Legalization in USA

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Written by Shane Fame Alexander
March 11, 2023


Meanwhile, in the United States, the legalization of marijuana is still a burning issue. Some states say yay, the others, nay. It was one of those weeks as one state approved the bill and the other voted against it.


Oklahoma Rejects 

Weed Legalization in USA: Oklahoma Says No

Weed Legalization in USA: Oklahoma Says No

Oklahoma voters rejected the vote on March 7. 


The state would’ve been the 22nd one to legalize pot but after a brew-ha from naysayers, the vote was declined. The party poopers were mostly faith leaders, cops and prosecutors. 


“We’re pleased the voters have spoken,” said Pat McFerron, the head runner of the opposition campaign. “We think this sends a clear signal that voters are not happy with the recreational nature of our medicinal system. We also think it shows voters recognize the criminal aspects, as well as the need for addressing mental health needs of the state.”


Michelle Tilley, of the Yes on 820 campaign, said hundreds of thousands living in Oklahoma already used the drug in some capacity, and that cannabis legalization in the state was inevitable.


“I challenge our legislature, I challenge our governor, this is in your hands now,” she said.


Crunching numbers, Oklahoma has issued 2,890 licenses for medical marijuana businesses. The state capital homes 400 dispensaries.  10% of Oklahomans own a medical marijuana card. However, the Sooner State saw 63% of its residents rejecting the proposal to legalize recreational use.


Alas, we find paradise over in Hawaii.


Hawaii Approves 

On the more positive side, also on March 7, the Aloha State passed the adult-use cannabis bill.


Known as SB669 SD2, the bill will allow cultivation, manufacturing, sales and taxes. It will let residents pocket up to 30 grams, grow up to six plants for personal use and decriminalize small amounts of cannabis as well.


The bill was first introduced on January 11 of this year, by Rep. Hawaii Rep. Jeanné Kapela.

“We all agree that it is past time to make adult use of recreational cannabis legal in Hawaii, as do the people of Hawaii,” she said.  “Following the recommendations of a task force devoted to addressing cannabis policy, we now have a roadmap for legalizing recreational cannabis in our islands,” Kapela said, where she was referring to a report published by the Hawaii Department of Health cannabis task force in December 2022.


A poll that was published by the Hawaii Cannabis Industry Association this year, saw 86% of adult residents in favour of the legalization. 9% were against it, and 5% didn’t have a clue what was happening. The poll also found adult use was a tad more popular than medical. 


The green getting green-lit could have the state bank up to $81.7 million in taxes and $423 million in gross revenue. 


Currently, in the United States,  37 states have medical cannabis laws, while 21 states allow use for adults.


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