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Celebrities Favourite Cannabis Strains For Creativity

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Written by Lex Harrison
March 18, 2023

It is no secret that many artists use cannabis to boost their creativity. Since its conception, marijuana and creativity have walked hand in hand to deliver us either the best or most…outrageous pieces of media. Many artists have come forward and raved about the positive impact weed has on their writing abilities, artwork, music production and brainstorming. If you didn’t already know, some of your favourite Hollywood actors and musicians actively participate in “mowing the grass”.

Here is a list of 5 strains/products that celebrities have recommended, to get you into the creative flow. 


Snoop Dogg – Girl Scout Cookies

Snoop Dogg is one of the biggest stoners alive, and if you didn’t know that then you probably live under a rock. The famous gangsta-rap singer/songwriter has basically made his whole persona about weed. Mr. Wake n’ Bake here, is one of the few people who can advise us on the best strains for creativity. Snoop has mentioned his love for the strain Girl Scout Cookies or ‘GSC’ for short. If you’re interested to know what GSC will do for you in terms of creativity, I would recommend the BOLD – Craft Sampler Hybrid Pre-Rolls 3 pack, which has 3 different strains, one including Sunset Sherbet x The Mint Girl Scout Cookies.




Rick Ross – Pink Rozay

Rick Ross is famously known as a rapper and entrepreneur. He has also openly shared his love for the devil’s lettuce. The business mogul has ventured into the cannabis industry, and has heavily promoted one of his favourite strains for creativity and motivation; Pink Rozay. The sweet-tasting bud with an earthy undertone is perfect for those late nights of hard work, and by hard work I mean completing the new Hogwarts game on PS5. Take advice from the Big Boss: Rick Ross, and get Hustlin’, check out our Collins Ave. – Pink Rozay Hybrid flower in 3.5g to dive into that creativity.


Rick Ross: all bossed up | Dazed


Miley Cyrus – Super Lemon Haze 

If you grew up watching Disney, then you’ll obviously know who Miley Cyrus is. The Hannah Montana actress/singer has had lots of scandals related to weed, but that has not stopped her from putting the blunt down. In her newly released song “flowers”, Miley talks about buying her own, and her favourite flower seems to be Super Lemon Haze. Miley has promoted to her millions of fans that weed has reduced her anxiety and sparked her creativity, allowing her to generate some of her biggest hits. If you’re looking to get into the artistic mood, or maybe even follow the pilates workout in Miley’s new music video, then I would suggest 1964 – Organic Super Lemon Haze Sativa flower in 3.5g.


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Brad Pitt – Bubba Kush

Brad Pitt is one of the most talented and good-looking A-list celebrities. The ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ actor, or should I say “Hollyweed”, has been a heavy user of marijuana in the past, and still uses it to this day. Brad Pitt has mentioned how he smokes a joint to calm his nerves while preparing for a role to properly execute a scene. The heartthrob actor shared having an incredible experience with the strain Bubba Kush, and how it is his go to when getting into the creative mindset. If you’re curious to find out the hype behind Brad Pitt’s favourite kind of weed, check out RAD Reserve – Bubba Kush 1x1g Blunt.


Brad Pitt Says He Spent the '90s “Smoking Weed and Hiding” From Hollywood



Justin Bieber – Orange Sunset

Whether you like him or not, Justin Bieber is one of the most musically gifted artists of this generation. The singer of the famous lyrics, “I got my weed from California” has referenced many times his favourite strain to be Orange Sunset. The Biebs has opened up about sparking a joint before a studio sesh to calm his nerves and let the music abilities flow through his words. If you’re looking to put on some tunes, maybe learn a few skateboarding tricks or paint a pretty picture of the beach, be sure to check out the similar strain SHERBINSKIS – Orange Sherb Live Resin Disposable Pen Hybrid in 0.5g. 


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