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Choose products based on your desired outcome.

Choose your mood

Creative Creative
Sitting in front of a proverbial blank page? Inspire, stimulate, and navigate uncharted territory with these products in hand.
Energetic Energetic
For days with unlimited potential. When the sky’s the limit, this category’s for you.
Euphoric Euphoric
This category gets the people going. If you’re looking to excite, uplift, or get moving, this spots for you.
Focused Focused
Have a job that needs to get done? A to-do list to check off? A task that requires your full attention? You’re in the right place.
Giggly Giggly
Remember those impossible-to-stop belly-laughs with your friends? Get your giggles on here.
Happy Happy
This category may inspire the same feelings as finding five dollars, public holidays, and the pure joy of a sunny day.
Hungry Hungry
If you’ve got a small appetite you want to make big, or if you know you’re about to indulge, you’re in the right place.
Relaxed Relaxed
When it’s time to take a pause in your day or a full-stop at night, you can find something here to aid in relaxation.
Sleepy Sleepy
Cannabis for the moment before you hit your fresh, cool sheets. Find products known for their sedation skills here.