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Kindling Cannabis Toronto Weed Delivery

Kindling Dispensary Front
Kindling Dispensary Front
Kindling Delivery

Find Us In Downtown Toronto

Welcome to Kindling Cannabis - your #1 service for Toronto Weed Delivery. The Kindling brand is one of the top cannabis brands in Canada. Our goal is to be your first choice for quick cannabis delivery in Toronto, or see you inside our shop! If you’re looking to visit our dispensary in downtown Toronto, you can find us conveniently located at 1567 Dundas Street West. We are right across from Brazil Bakery & Pastry Ltd., in the colorful community of Little Portugal.

Kindling is proud to call Toronto our home. Our city has so much to offer, and we couldn’t be happier as we’ve been welcomed here with open arms. Although we deliver across the greater Toronto area, we are infatuated with this amazing community where we’ve found ourselves.

Cannabis By Mood

Different Strains for Different Days

It’s becoming well-known that cannabis has a plethora of amazing use cases in a multitude of industries. This plant is capable of so much, and this is true within the realm of marijuana consumption. Many long-time smokers of high-quality Canadian weed have yet to realize the diverse nature of the plant medicine we’ve grown to love so much.

There are real differences in the way different cannabinoids affect the body and mind, and we understand that navigating the nuances of this world can be both subtle and time-consuming. This is especially true if you are a new user of THC or CBD products. We’ve done a lot of the work for you, and taken the guesswork out of trying new strains!

We have Sativa and Indica strains galore, and our shop has some of the best guidance in the industry if you’re looking to achieve a certain state of mind. We’ve carefully curated a list of high-quality THC and CBD products, with a helpful mood guide making finding the right weed simple.

You no longer have to try new strains over and over just to find one that gets you where you need to be! If you’re looking for Toronto Weed Delivery, check out our Moods page and shop with more accuracy!

Our Top Reviews for Cannabis Delivery in Toronto

If you see us out there, say hello! Are you a returning customer? Leave us a review!

“This is definitely the TOP cannabis store in the city. They have literally everything you would want. The tablet system they have is industry leading. Customer service was also fantastic, Z explained everything thoroughly and made my choice 10x easier. If you decide to go in there I would definitely recommend asking for Z!”
Daniel, Google
“Great store and customer service! Sean was very helpful and hooked me up with a perfect preroll for the night”
Jonny, Google
“Went for my first time today. Great prices and the service was excellent. Knowledgable and friendly staff. There are a lot of cannabis stores out there - this one was better than others.”
Sara, Google
“Delivery was super fast (15 mins from order to delivery) and I tracked the courier's progress which was cool for a cbd/cannabis store! Amazing on demand service, especially in winter.”
Mike, Google
Toronto Weed Delivery

1 Hour Toronto Weed Delivery

If you’re looking for a quick turnaround, you’re in the right place. Kindling has the fastest cannabis delivery company in Canada. Our Toronto Weed Delivery team is here to serve you with the most efficient delivery tactics possible. With a wide range of brands to choose from, we’ll get your order out to you on the fly. Please visit our about page if you’d like to get to know Kindling Cannabis.

Come down and visit our amazing staff - Kindling Cannabis employs the industries most knowledgeable budtenders. We love teaching our customers as much as we can about the products they love. Have a question about a specific brand? Pick up a cannabis beverage. Or want to know more about the source of your favorite strain? Just ask. We’ll help you navigate our selection of flower, edibles, concentrates and much more.