6 Toronto Concerts We’re Excited for in May

Isaac Fontes

May is a packed month for Toronto Concerts

Now that the cold weather and snow are (hopefully) gone for good, the city is finally coming out of winter hibernation. Although the Toronto Raptors failed to make the playoffs after a disappointing performance against the Chicago Bulls in the NBA’s play-in tournament, the Blue Jays’ season is now in full-swing and the Leafs officially enter the second round of the NHL playoffs for the first time in 19 years on May 2, when their series against the Florida Panthers officially begins. To compliment the excitement surrounding sports around the city, there continues to be an impressive and extensive list of both artists and bands coming to Toronto to play shows each and every month. May is no different, as everyone from compelling up-and-coming rappers and singers to R&B legends are set to deliver performances in the city. These are six of the concerts in May that we’re most looking forward to.

Joony – May 7 @ Drake Underground

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZD5WIFd8D8&ab_channel=Joony Backed by his already impressive discography, carefully-selected collaborations and smooth overall sound, Joony is continuing to carve out his own unique lane in music. He’s still fresh off the release of his Pretty In Black project, its deluxe version and a standout appearance on Brent Faiyaz’s newest album, WASTELAND on the track “FYTB” last year. As he continues his momentum into 2023, his appearance at the Drake Underground this Sunday is bound to be an eclectic show. General admission tickets were selling for around $30-40, but unfortunately they’re now sold out. If you can find one on the resale market without overpaying, this will surely be a great show to be at, as you’ll be catching an artist bound to blow up in the near future performing at an intimate venue.

Yves Tumor – May 9 @ HISTORY

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FU65VaNeLeM&ab_channel=YvesTumor The all-encompassing experimental electronic/rock artist Yves Tumor is currently on tour in support of their new album, Praise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds). Touching down in Toronto at HISTORY next Tuesday, Pretty Sick is set to serve as the opening act and the venue is guaranteed to be rocking as Yves Tumor plays their set that’s bound to be energetic, trippy and eclectic all in one. Tickets are still available and can be found here.

AR Paisley – May 11 @ Axis Club (formerly known as The Mod Club)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIHdYuompdI&ab_channel=ARPaisley If you’re tuned into the Toronto Hip-Hop scene, you’re guaranteed to know who Mississauga’s AR Paisley is, and are probably a fan. Continuously collaborating with a number of other local rappers, and embracing his undeniable lyrical prowess have led him to becoming one of the city’s most popping rappers. Taking the stage at the Axis Club, formerly known as The Mod Club next week, his unique characteristics are sure to be on full display as he performs in front of his hometown. Tickets can be found here.

Yaeji – May 13 @ Danforth Music Hall

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3T8KznhThQ&ab_channel=Yaeji Yaeji is one of the most exciting acts in all of music right now. The singer, producer and DJ has been making music since 2016, blending an array of musical influences and elements to create her very own singular sound. But her debut studio album, With A Hammer, released less than a month ago, has already begun to catapult her popularity to new heights. Her mellow, soulful vocals and expressive lyrics, which are sung in both English and Korean, are a beautifully organic match for her often ethereal sound infused with selected house/electronic elements. She’s set to take over the Danforth Music Hall on May 13th. Tickets can be found here.

Indigo De Souza – May 20 @ Opera House

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdQoPATlr2Q Indie rock singer and artist Indigo De Souza will be coming to the city on May 20th. Over the past several years, the North Carolina native has been carving out her deserving space as one of the alternative scene’s most exhilarating and relatable artists. Throughout her three albums, the most recent of which being the brand new All of This Will End, De Souza often combines her smooth, soft vocals with the more upbeat, colorful production behind her to create a sonic world with an emphasis on memorable melodies and tackling relationship struggles through her confessional lyrics. Tickets can be found here.

 Janet Jackson – May 23 @ Budweiser Stage

The legendary Janet Jackson is set to take the Budweiser Stage in Toronto later this month. Known for both her socially-conscious and seductive music scattered across her legendary discography, the pop icon’s Toronto stop on this tour is bound to arrive complete with thrilling choreography and top-notch stage designs. Just last week, her concert in Atlanta was forced to be rescheduled because Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks beat the Boston Celtics in game five of their first-round NBA playoff match-up. This forced a game six back in Atlanta, and just so happened to be scheduled on the same night of Jackson’s concert, which got rescheduled in favour of the game. Although the Maple Leafs did finally advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs for the first time since 2004, there’s no chance that this show will need to be rescheduled since it’s not taking place at Scotiabank Arena. Tickets can be found here.
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