Cannabis & EDM: Getting High While The Bass Drops

Evan Doherty
Cannabis & EDM: Getting High While The Bass Drops

Picture this: you’re blasting EDM, You take a puff of the blunt and get lost in the beat and fall into a trance as the bass pulses in the background.

Then you think to yourself. What could make this better? Let’s talk about how listening to EDM high can give you a euphoria you’ve never felt before. 

Emotional Response

Science suggests cannabis and music both trigger an emotional response, which has a more significant impact.

Cannabis accesses the endocannabinoid system, which controls appetite, pain, mood, and memory.

It explains why listening to EDM while high is that much better. Additionally, while dancing around, you won’t experience feelings of anxiety or paranoia. You only get the amazing high.

High Energy

From the fast beats to the heavy bass, EDM is a high energy experience. Whether dancing at a club or a rave, you’re moving around. Both cannabis and music release dopamine, which increases with higher levels of CBD.

The brain has more activity, which makes dancing to the best tracks even better. Time moves faster with a little extra something. Smoking or consuming edibles alters our sense of time which makes it easier to keep the party going all night long! 

Better Acoustics

A high amount of Beats Per Minute (BPM) enhances any EDM track. A faster song is perfect for dancing and your favourite strain of cannabis. When you smoke weed, THC, and other cannabinoids, CB1 receptors attach themselves to your brain. It improves how you hear sounds, which include the bass drops we wait for on our top tracks! Smoking or consuming edibles while jamming can bring back memories. Hearing familiar songs can take you back to the first time you heard them.

Attention Span

Cannabis makes your brain more sensitive to sounds and things happening around you. That includes hearing all the notes to the dance track of the week. Weed allows our brains to quickly switch between tasks. Hence, listening to fast-paced music lets us pick up on complex patterns. Plenty of work goes into making the perfect EDM track. When we’re high, everything from the synths to the bass track catches our attention.

Artist Connection

Some artists in the electronic music scene find they’re at their peak creativity when high. Thus the listener being high can connect with them more. Cannabis also affects our emotional state, so our feelings are much more intense. It makes it easy to connect with relatable lyrics on a dance track if there are any. It’s like getting high brings you closer to the music. Your connection to the singer and the DJ becomes even stronger when you get high. 

A Fun Night Out

Lastly, most activities are more fun when you’re high. Cannabis stimulates the senses and boosts our dopamine levels like tasty food and sex do.

Next time you bump your favourite EDM track, consider smoking or snacking on an edible. You won’t regret it!

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