Ricky Williams: The Highsman

George Khoshaba
Ricky Williams: The Highsman

Ricky Williams is the epitome of being able to dominate a sport while being a pothead.

The recipient of the 1998 Heisman trophy, one of the highest achievements for a football player in NCAA while being a HIGHSMAN off the pitch. Off the back of his incredible college career, he was drafted fifth overall by the New Orleans saints, with incredible expectations placed on the young man by his new employers. The saints wagered a plethora of their draft cap in order to trade up & draft the heisman winner & make him the face of their franchise. 

Ricky Williams

Within his playing career, Ricky picked up smoking cannabis & being labelled a lazy stoner by many NFL fans, being suspended five separate times over his career. Two of the five times he was suspended were full season bans, ridiculous punishment for someone using a substance to cope with social anxiety & a borderline personality disorder. There have been lesser suspensions for athletes using PEDs in order to get ahead of the competition, a full season suspension should be reserved for those cases & not a human being avoiding opioid usage. 

Ricky Williams - Heisman

The Heisman trophy winner after retiring decided to become an entrepreneur after his playing days, & dive into the cannabis business. Being a tireless advocate of cannabis during his time in the NFL & being punished for it time after time Ricky decided to start his own cannabis company called ‘Highsman.’ As we earlier mentioned the play of words on the famous Heisman trophy, was a brilliant name for the former Saints star to use for his company as he is the HIGHSMAN. 

Ricky Williams Goes Back For Another Super Bowl With Highsman-Jeeter  Cannabis Partnership — Black Cannabis Magazine

Since his retirement the punishment of cannabis use whilst in the league has gone down heavily, thanks to many advocates within the league but one of the main advocates being Ricky Williams. Bar Josh Gordon the former Cleveland Browns receiver, Ricky was punished the most on cannabis usage. Due to this Ricky was very outspoken on being so scrutinized by the league for smoking a plant, picking up fines amassing millions of dollars & suspensions stripping him years of his prime. Ricky Williams is the most acclaimed stoner in the NFL, deserving all the praise he is getting now from his playing mates & the next generation of NFL superstars having only glowing words to say about the HIGHSMAN.

Ex-NFL star Ricky Williams on how cannabis use changed his mindset, helped  him deal with anxiety | Fox News


You may be wondering, what does the HIGHSMAN like to spark up?

In a Sports Illustrated interview Ricky Williams said he leans towards Sativa,  in particular, Haze strains “As someone who likes to read and study, Ricky Williams prefers sativa strains over indica because it keeps his mind up”.

A few of our favourite haze strains:

Ministry of Sativa – Oaxacan Haze – Sativa – 3.5g

Oaxacan Haze is a high THC sativa cannabis strain with legacy genetics hailing from the Oaxaca region of Mexico. This current batch of Oaxacan Haze contains more than 2% terpenes, with caryophyllene being the dominant terpene. Like many fine hazes, Oaxacan Haze has a cirtus and lemon taste profile with am earthy and funky finish. The buds are medium to large size and diamond shaped when cured with dark orange pistils covered in trichomes. As Canada’s first all-sativa brand, Ministry of Sativa is a group on a mission: to bring people who love sativas consistent access to the greatest sativa strains on the planet.

 1964 – Organic Super Lemon Haze – Sativa – 3.5g

Super Lemon Haze by 1964 is one of the most well-known sativa cultivars. Originating from a cross of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, this cultivar gives off citrus aromas with an underlying sour tang. Grown in living soil, hang dried for 14 days, cold cured and non-irradiated.

Color Cannabis – Mango Haze Pre-Roll – Sativa – 2×0.35g

Color Mango Haze Pre-Rolls are perfectly packed with gently milled flower, not trim or shake, to ensure each pre-roll contains the freshest and most flavourful cannabis possible. A balanced CBD/THC cultivar that is rich in flavour, its bountiful terpenes of p-cymene, myrcene, pinene and beta-caryophyllene give this cultivar its signature mango scent. Mango Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that produces a mild THC potency potential with genetic cross between Northern Lights, Skunk and Haze

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