Family Business: Wallace McDonald of Primeau Cannabis

Family Business: Wallace McDonald of Primeau Cannabis

When you think of small businesses, mom-and-pop shops, and family farming, the cannabis industry might not be the first thing that comes to mind.

But for Wallace McDonald of Primeau Cannabis, these connections run deep. In our latest episode of the "Everything Cannabis Podcast"  McDonald offers an intimate look into the legacy and passion behind Primeau Cannabis.

Titled after McDonald's mother's maiden name, Primeau Cannabis stands as a testament to family values and tradition. A charming photograph of McDonald’s mother standing confidently beside a towering cannabis plant at the age of 17 paints a vivid picture of the family's enduring connection with the plant. Hailing from a lineage of Cornwall Ontario farmers spanning over five generations, the family has a long legacy with cannabis. McDonald began his foray into cannabis cultivation at the tender age of 14.

However, the journey wasn't without its challenges.

From taking Health Canada to court under the Harper government, to submitting a 3,000+ page application to grow cannabis for others, McDonald's dedication to the craft is unwavering. The path took unexpected turns with changing regulations, but in 2021, Primeau Cannabis secured its license after a rigorous licensing process and some unexpected financial twists.

Growing cannabis isn't just about business for McDonald; it's about producing something he'd be proud to consume himself. Discarding pesticides in favour of organic cocoa as a growing medium, and employing meticulous hand-cutting, drying, and packaging methods, the process is as grassroots as it gets. The outcome?

Products like the touted Lava Cake & The Dough

These strains don't just ride on high THC percentages, but offer a symphony of flavonoids and terpenes tailored to the discerning consumer.

Primeau Cannabis

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Despite the allure of modernization, McDonald stands firm in his belief in the 'old school' way. Drawing parallels to his farming roots, he remarks, "If the cows are mooing, they need to be milked." This sentiment is echoed in his commitment to hand-water every plant and be present in the flower room daily, even on special occasions like Christmas and birthdays. The intricate involvement not only allows for meticulous inspection but also instills a personal touch to each product.


Reflecting on the road travelled since his early growing days, McDonald underscores the value of learning from setbacks.

Every complication encountered is viewed not as a stumbling block but as a lesson, each refining the process to produce an even more superior product. The growing facility itself, built and designed by McDonald with a keen focus on minimizing redundancy, stands as a testament to his vision and hard work.

Perhaps one of the most inspiring moments in the podcast is when McDonald shares his driving mantra, "I want to put out smoke that I want to smoke, and that I want my mom to smoke." It's a touching tribute, reminding us that at its core, Primeau Cannabis is about family, love, and legacy.

Primeau Cannabis

McDonald doesn't stop at sharing his journey; he dives deep into the nuances of the industry. He tackles misconceptions, such as the inflated THC percentages and problematic pricing schemes, and offers listeners practical tips. Drawing a parallel with colognes and perfumes, he enlightens on how consumers can identify their preferred terpene profiles, paving the way for a more informed and personalized cannabis experience.

Tune in to "Better Your Best" to listen to McDonald's compelling story, a blend of family tales, industry insights, and a passion for producing quality cannabis.



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