Puff, Puff, Pass the Carts, Baby!

If you’re like us, there’s days you're not feeling flower and rely on carts to help you elevate to the next level. Whether you're looking for a discreet way to enjoy your herb, or just love the convenience and potency of carts, we’ve got you covered. From the smoothest to the most flavorful hits, we’ve tried them all (for research purposes, of course) so you don’t have to.

Sherbinski: Orange Sherbs Live Resin 510 Thread Cart

For our high-tolerance friends, let us introduce you to the Orange Sherbs Live Resin 510 Thread Cart. This hybrid cartridge is one of our favourites for its smooth and clean orange flavour. Made from 100% fresh frozen, whole-flower cannabis, this live resin cart is sure to have you feeling euphoric and giggly.

 Cartridges: Orange Sherb by Sherbinski

Purple Hills: Creemore Valley Kush Live Resin 510 Thread Cart

You had a long day and all you want to do is ready to relax with a nice Indica dominant strain? We’ve got you with the Creemore Valley Kush Kart. Not only will you get flavours of herb and spice but notes of honey and a touch of earthy sweetness that can’t be beat. 

Grey Beard: BMOG Live Resin 510 Thread Cart

The perfect live resin cartridge for when you want to feel creative and euphoric. Grey Beard’s Live Resin 510 Cart is an aromatic and flavourful extract made from a unique proprietary hydrocarbon extraction process that focuses on product purity and quality. Another great indica-dominant option with an intense berry flavour twist.
Cartridges: BMOG Live Resin by Grey Beard Cartridges: BMOG Live Resin by Grey Beard

Floresense: Lavender Chamomile Cbd 3:1 510 Thread Cart

A fan-favourite for our low-tolerance stoners is this CBD 3:1 510 Cart. When you need that extra push to help you sleep, this lavender chamomile vape will certainly get you there. With a higher dose of CBD compared to THC and the perfect addition of linalool terp in the lavender, we consider this the ultimate nighttime cart.
Cartridges: Lavender Chamomile CBD 3:1 by Floresense Cartridges: Lavender Chamomile CBD 3:1 by Floresense

Northbound Cannabis: CBG / CBD The White Appalachia 510 Thread Cart

One of our personal and most unique picks as a great introduction to CBG and all its glory. This Northbound high CBG/CBD cart is a hybrid formulation with an insane terpene blend that gives off a citrus zest, berry aromatics, and even some herbal notes. With these levels of CBG & CBD and low levels of THC, you’ll feel energized, focused, and mellow.

Cartridges: The White Appalachia by Northbound Cannabis
If you're looking to switch things up or just prefer cartridges, exploring different options can be a fantastic way to enjoy your weed. Our selection of carts provides a variety of flavours and effects to match any mood, ranging from the zesty orange sherbs to soothing lavender chamomile. Try them out yourself and happy vaping!
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