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All Nations - Lemon Tartz Pre-Roll | 3x0.5g

All Nations - Lemon Tartz Pre-Roll | 3x0.5g

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A cross of Super Lemon Haze x Wedding Cake. This sativa has light green buds and a distinct citrus & gas aroma. Produced on Stó:lo traditional territory. Indigenous practices with craft methods.

CBD 1.0 %

THC 31.0 %

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Product Details

Lemon Tartz is a cross between Super Lemon Haze x Wedding Cake. This aromatic sativa strain has a distinct citrus and gas nose. The light green buds are dense and covered by frosty coating of trichomes. Produced on Stó:lō traditional territory, weaving Indigenous practices with craft cultivation methods.

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1.5 g





  • Caryophyllene

    Anti-anxiety, Sleep, Euphoria

    Present in black pepper, oregano, basil and many other herbs and spices.

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  • Limonene

    Mood enhancement, Digestion, Immune Function

    Limonene is commonly found in the peels of citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges. It is known for its refreshing, citrusy aroma and flavour.

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