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Artisan Batch - Kronic Relief Kosher Kush | 3.5g

Artisan Batch - Kronic Relief Kosher Kush | 3.5g

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Extremely sought-after cultivar with a unique earthy, sour and gas aroma. Tasty smoke with dense, frosty, lime green buds.

CBD 1.0 %

THC 28.0 %

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No corners are cut by Kronic Relief Inc, based in North York, Ontario. Their cannabis is grown indoors in rockwool then hang-dried on stainless steel racks and hand-trimmed to keep the integrity of the bud intact. Kronic Relief Kosher Kush is sure to please even the most experienced consumers. Its dense, frosty, sticky buds are lime-forest green with hints of purple, red and brown. Kosher Kush's unique earthy, sour and gas aroma is from its top terpenes of caryophyllene, humulene and limonene. Artisan Batch is all about showcasing the country’s best craft cannabis micro-growers. We scour Canada to find today’s leaders in craft cannabis and their unique, legacy cultivars. Our experienced team vets each strain to ensure quality, consistency and potency. If it doesn’t pass our test, it doesn’t hit the store.

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3.5 g