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CaliNorth - Top Cola Pre-Roll | 3x0.5g

CaliNorth - Top Cola Pre-Roll | 3x0.5g

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Smell the beautiful mango and berry spice aroma of this stunning sativa with more than 2% terpenes. Deep purple with vibrant green undertones.

CBD 1.0 %

THC 20.0 %

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CaliNorth Green Cush represents more than 20 years of cultivation expertise and drive to sustainably produce cannabis for Canadians. The original skunk #1 lineage of this cultivar often has this soaring sativa referred to as a strong cup of full-flavoured coffee. CaliNorth Green Cush is grown in living soil. The cultivation process uses 100% captured rainwater and is free of pesticides, herbicides and commercial fertilizers, with each plant receiving individual care and attention to ensure the highest quality. Our cultivation process sequesters 20 times more carbon than it produces. CaliNorth Green Cush is hang dried, hand trimmed, slow cold cured and is cultivated locally in Caledon, Ontario. The only Licensed Producer to be officially recognized by the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA). CaliNorth Green Cush is a fruity, sticky, flavourful and vibrant sativa that you can feel good about supporting.

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1.5 g