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High Street Cannabis - Craft Lilac Diesel | 3.5g

High Street Cannabis - Craft Lilac Diesel | 3.5g

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Small batch, BC craft, indica dominant hybrid packed with gassy, floral and sweet terpenes that'll leave your fingers sticky-icky.

CBD 1.0 %

THC 23.0 %

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Did somebody say terpenes? Because this frosty, full throttle diesel strain is packed with up to 5% terps. The nose will leave you thinking you’re in a bakery inside a flower shop inside a gas station. Grinding these dense, resinous buds will leave your sticky icky fingers ready to roll flower that reacts more like kinetic sand than a pile of dust. Smoking it coats your mouth with floral, fresh flavours and a pleasantly confusing aftertaste. This craft flower is grown with zero pesticides, hang dried, hand trimmed, slow cured and hand packed in batches small enough to treat each plant like they’re family.

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3.5 g





  • Terpinolene

    Relaxation, Pain Relief, Anti-fungal

    Terpinolene produces a herbal or floral fragrance and as such is used in perfumes, soaps, and other cosmetic products.

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