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Red Market Brand - Miigwetch Sativa | 14g

Red Market Brand - Miigwetch Sativa | 14g

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Miigwetch by Red Market Brands is a sativa-dominant flower with a sour apple and earthy pepper aroma.

CBD 5.0 %

THC 30.0 %

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Miigwetch has a natural earthy sour aroma and classic orange and green colours. Its punchy sour apple and earthy pepper aroma is indicative of its sativa-dominant Ancestry. Grown under the sun and hang dried these flowers are sure to delight. Miigwetch is Ojibwe for “Thank You" and reflects our gratitude for the cannabis plant and cannabis community. Particularly our consumers who support Red Market Brand's vision of giving back to First Nations communities and Indigenous participation in the legal cannabis market.

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14.0 g