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San Rafael '71 - Mixed Greens Sampler | 3x0.5g

San Rafael '71 - Mixed Greens Sampler | 3x0.5g

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San Raf’s “Mixed Greens Sampler” has three pre-rolls, each packed with one of our new strains, Stonefruit Sunset, Lemon Rocket & Driftwood Diesel.

CBD 0.1 %

THC 25.0 %

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San Rafael 71’s “Mixed Greens Sampler” carries three pre-rolls, each packed with one of our brand-new, proprietary strains -- Stonefruit Sunset, Lemon Rocket and Driftwood Diesel. With this variety pack, you have a chance to try each new strain. A mix of Fuel and Gelato genetics, Stonefruit Sunset offers a unique aroma of wild fruit, sherbet, and gas. Lemon Rocket is bred from Cake and Fuel genetics and carries a strong aroma of gas with fresh lemon undertones. Driftwood Diesel is crossbred from GMO and Fuel strains, giving it a uniquely pungent aroma of gas and chem with a sour taste. Each pre-roll is packed with milled whole bud, and never shake. Every “Mixed Greens Sampler” comes in a sleek, reusable tin package and includes a humidity pack, so your pre-rolls stay fresher for longer.

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