Just like every other month in the six, there are tons of great artists and concerts on the way in June for music lovers of all genres to enjoy. Before we get into the five concerts that I think have people buzzing and should be highlighted, I want to quickly list some honorable mentions you should consider checking out! Paramore (June 8), Killswitch Engage (June 11), The Cure (June 14), Tegan and Sara (June 15), Alexisonfire (June 16), Stevie Nicks (June 20), and Kansas (June 29).


BIGBABYGUCCI returns to Toronto after shaking up the city during his Rolling Loud performance last September. The underground legend starts his international tour in our city,  before hitting the likes of London, UK and Berlin, Denmark. If you're a fan of undeground hiphop and/or like artists such as Playboi Carti and Travis $cott, you wont want to miss this!


Join us and BIGBABYGUCCI for our first event June 7th for a night of good vibes and good weed. Hosted at a private location, BIGBABYGUCCI will be hosting the very first Kindling X First Class Sesh. Come hit a hot box, smoke a blunt, enjoy good music, food, and weed infused drinks! 

Tickets come with a mystery pack of gifts for the event! 



Bryson Tiller (June 26-27, HISTORY)

Last, but definitely not least, the immaculate Bryson Tiller will be performing live in Toronto on June 26th at HISTORY on Queen Street East. The “Back and I’m Better Tour” kicked-off on the west coast in San Diego, California earlier this month and will be coming to the six for two back to back nights, in what is the tour’s only two Canadian dates. So not only should you do everything in your power to make it to one of these shows, but you should feel awfully special as well. Tiller will be joined by DJ Nitrane, and people from all over the country will surely be flocking out east for this one.

Nelly, Ne-Yo, Akon, T.I., Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Ja Rule, Keri Hilson, and Chingy (June 24, Downsview Park)

Hot in Herre: Ft. Nelly, Ne-Yo, Akon, T.I., Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Ja Rule, Keri  Hilson and Chingy

It is summertime, and it is getting hot everywhere, so take off all of your clothes, or leave them all on if you want, just make sure you get tickets to this show. You’re reading this absolutely right: nine legendary Hip-Hop and R&B artists are teaming up for “Hot In Herre 2023”, no typo, including Nelly, Ne-Yo, Akon, T.I., Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Ja Rule, Keri Hilson, and Chingy. The only person missing is DJ Khaled and this would be summer 2005 all over again. All joking aside, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to spend an entire afternoon and night turning up to rap songs you partied to in your teens, do you? Maybe wilding out isn’t your thing, so consider bringing a date or significant other and let Ne-Yo or Keri Hilson serenade them. Trust me, they will fall in love.

TLC, Shaggy, En Vogue, and Sean Kingston (June 15, Budweiser Stage)

Don’t let go of all these beautiful girls, give him something he can feel, angel. Well, I tried to be clever there, but either way, legendary artists TLC, Shaggy, En Vogue, and Sean Kingston have all teamed up and started their unified North American tour on June 1st. Making their way across Ontario on June 15th and performing at the Budweiser Stage, Torontonians don't wanna miss this iconic lineup of legendary artists that us, and our parents, grew up loving. It’s probably the only time in history you’ll ever be able to hear “Scrubs”, “It Wasn’t Me”, “Don’t Let Go”, and “Beautiful Girls'' all live and on the same night, and I am totally here for it.

TLC, Shaggy, En Vogue, Sean Kingston going on 'Hot Summer Nights' tour

Ed Sheeran and Khalid (June 17-18, Rogers Centre)

Ed Sheeran has been in the news recently for being sued over stolen music, or some other nonsense reason rich people take each other to court for, but regardless, that shouldn’t take away from anyone enjoying his music. Not only will the “Shape of You” singer be touching down in the dot for a solo show on June 17th at the infallible Rogers Centre, but he will be performing the very next night at the very same building alongside singer-songwriter Khalid. Ed Sheeran hasn’t been in Toronto since 2018, so you definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity to see him live, so get tickets to one of these shows.

Shania Twain (June 22-23, Budweiser Stage)

You want to know what-ah impresses me much? Shania Twain live in concert. The Canadian country music icon, from Timmins, Ontario, is slated to grace the Budweiser Stage for two nights in June, and it may be one of her last tours ever. I’m sure if you’re from the area then you have more than likely seen Shania a time or two. However, tickets to either one of Ms. Twain's June 22nd or June 23rd shows could make great Father’s Day gifts at the bear minimum, and will be a great time no doubt. As someone who has seen Shania Twain live a couple of times over the years, I can personally say in confidence that she hasn't missed a step, nor aged a day, since the first time you saw her on TV.

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