Grammy Nominated Artists Who Smoke Weed

Grammy Nominated Artists Who Smoke Weed

If you listen to music and haven’t heard weed come up even ONCE, then I’m not sure what to tell you?

Are you listening to Baby Sensory Videos? Binaural beats? Jazz? (plot twist: they did a lot more than marijuana)

Cannabis has been a part of the music industry for decades, and there is no denying its influence in the creative process of some of the most successful and talented artists EVER. From Willie Nelson to Lady Gaga, some of the most iconic names in the music industry have been known to use cannabis to fuel their creativity and help them excel in their respective lanes. Here, we explore some of Grammy-nominated artists who have found success with the help of cannabis (some surprising, some…not so much).

Willie Nelson

Grammy Nominated Artists Who Smoke Weed: Willie Nelson

SHOCKING! The man that looks like your one uncle who comes to Christmas for ten minutes, smokes a cigarette on the porch, says something cryptic and then leaves… ALSO SMOKES WEED (that was personal, sorry) Well, he is also one of the most important country musicians of all time (unlike my uncle), and has been a long-time supporter of cannabis and its many benefits. In fact, he has been nominated for 10 Grammys throughout his career and has released over 60 albums. Willie credits much of his success to his use of cannabis, stating that it helps him to think more creatively and come up with unique ideas that he wouldn’t have thought of without it.

Wiz Khalifa

Grammy Nominated Artists Who Smoke Weed: Wiz Khalifa
Honestly the only way you wouldn’t know Wiz Khalifa smokes weed is if you’d never heard of him and even then you’d assume he does something at least. Well, he does do something (many things) and those include being nominated for 7 Grammys, releasing multiple chart-topping albums, and owning multiple multi-million dollar businesses. He has been open about his use of cannabis and how it has helped him to stay focused and energized throughout his career. Stating in an interview that “Smoking just helps to free my mind, slow my thoughts down, and think about everything not only in a more poetic way but in a more creative way in general,"

Lady Gaga

Grammy Nominated Artists Who Smoke Weed: Lady Gaga
With thirteen grammies, an Oscar, AND an Emmy, Lady Gaga has cemented herself as Queen of every art form that makes money. Fun fact: she has also been a public stoner for most of her career. With one of her more hilarious encounters coming from her documentary, where she states she may have “traumatized” Beyonce by smoking five blunts in front of her. Still, Lady Gaga is one of the most talented artists of our generation, all the while smoking as much pot as she’d like.

DJ Khaled

Grammy Nominated Artists Who Smoke Weed: DJ Khaled

Motivational king, DJ Khaled is one of the most successful producers ever, he has been nominated for eight Grammys, including rap album of the year 2023 and has produced countless hit records (another one *jet ski noise*). He has openly spoken about his use of cannabis and how it helps him to stay focused and energized while creating music, stating that what really inspired him was Bob Marley's music.

Melissa Etheridge

Grammy Nominated Artists Who Smoke Weed: Melissa Etheridge

An absolutely wonderful woman and a rock legend with 7 Grammy nominations, has been open about her use of cannabis in her battle with breast cancer in 2004. She states that it helped her remain in good spirits and helped heal her during that trying time… talk about a multi-use medicine.

It's clear that cannabis has helped these Grammy nominated artists excel in their respective fields.

But cannabis can also help YOU (yes, you). Whether it's creativity, productivity, or just the ability to relax, cannabis can help us all excel in whatever our goals may be.

It can help us get inspired, motivated, and creative. Cannabis can help us get more done, and more efficiently. So, the next time you're in need of some inspiration, why not reach for your favourite strain of cannabis? You never know what kind of inspiration it may bring. Whatever your goals may be, cannabis can help you get there. Don't believe us? Just ask the Grammy-nominated artists who smoke weed.

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