Sesh Soundtrack: 5 Songs to Elevate Your Experience

Gemma Mastroianni
Sesh Soundtrack: 5 Songs to Elevate Your Experience

When it comes to enhancing the atmosphere of lighting up, the right playlist can make all the difference. Whether you're chilling with friends or enjoying some alone time, the proper tunes can elevate the experience to a whole new level. Here are five tracks that are perfect for setting the mood during your sesh:

"Real Life" - GUM

"Real Life" by GUM is a dreamy, psychedelic track that's perfect for starting your sesh on a mellow note. The hazy guitars and soothing vocals create an atmosphere of relaxation, making it ideal for unwinding and getting into the groove.

"How It Feels" - Barry Can't Swim

As the sesh progresses, you might want to pick up the pace a bit, and "How It Feels" by Barry Can't Swim is just the track for that. With its infectious energy and indie-rock vibes, this song will have you tapping your feet!

"Badders" - PEEKABOO, Flowdan, Skrillex, G-Rex

If you're looking to infuse some electronic and dubstep elements into your sesh, "Badders" is the track to go for. This collaboration between PEEKABOO, Flowdan, Skrillex, and G-Rex is a sonic journey filled with heavy drops and intense basslines, providing an electrifying experience.

"LOVE FANG" - Moto Bandit

As your sesh continues, "LOVE FANG" by Moto Bandit offers a captivating blend of indie and alternative sounds. Its rhythms and ethereal vocals create an entrancing atmosphere that can take your session to a whole new reflective dimension. The song's unique fusion of genres makes it a standout choice to keep the vibes fresh and exciting.

"I've Been In Love" - Channel Tres, JUNGLE

Towards the end of your sesh, it's time to wind down and reflect, and "I've Been In Love" by Channel Tres and JUNGLE is the perfect track for this moment. Its smooth and soulful groove, coupled with the soothing vocals, will help you relax and groove. It's a song that invites introspection and connection with your inner thoughts.

Remember that the key to a great sesh playlist is variety and flexibility.

You want music that can adapt to the changing energy of the session. So, whether you're sharing stories with friends or getting lost in your own thoughts, these songs will be your trusted companions on your sesh journey.

Music has the incredible power to elevate and transform your sesh experience. The songs mentioned here, from the dreamy "Real Life" to the introspective "I've Been In Love," provide a rich and diverse soundtrack that can enhance every moment of your sesh. So, sit back, relax, and let the music guide your journey. Enjoy your sesh!

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