The Man, The Myth, The Joint Rolling Legend: Cody Van Gogh

The Man, The Myth, The Joint Rolling Legend: Cody Van Gogh

There’s an art to rolling the perfect joint and joint rolling artist Cody Van Gogh, nails it every time. Remember the infamous Pineapple Express “Cross Joint”? Well, when it comes to Cody’s rolling abilities, think more intricate, detailed, and downright insane. Cody Van Gogh is a Ottawa-born artist that grew popular within the weed community for his impressive joint rolling skills pre-legalization. We know, you're probably asking yourself how good can this guy's joints be? Well, let us tell you. He doesn't just roll your typical everyday joint, Cody creates complex and creative works of art that are almost too beautiful to smoke. From bride and groom wedding toppers, mice, cats, and even dragons, he can roll out some of your highest dreams.

 What is described by Cody as “smokeable art”, is created using a variety of materials, including paper, flowers, and concentrates. He uses these materials to create highly detailed and colorful designs that have taken the weed community by storm including some A-list celebrities that have commissioned his work such as Machine Gun Kelly and Snoop Dog.


 His “9-5” is rolling joints. Whether he’s practicing at a lounge in Vancouver, rolling for medical users that aren't able to roll for themselves, or commissioning pieces, he spends around 40-60 hours a week on his craft. The best part? Cody free-hands all of his rolls. On top of consistently creating and rolling new and imaginative joints, he also used to have a project called “Nude Blunts” - a joint that was not only paperless but burns for 45 minutes, a stoner's dream.

 In an interview with Leafly, Cody explained that he sees his smokable art as a way to break down barriers and bring people together. "We're all smoking the same plant," he said. "I think art is a universal language, and cannabis is a universal medicine. So when you combine the two, it's a really powerful thing." One of the things that makes Cody particularly unique is his commitment to the craft. He takes the time to really perfect each joint, and it’s clear that he puts a lot of thought and effort into each one. He’s also very open about his process and is happy to share tips and tricks with other aspiring joint rollers. So whether he's rolling a joint that looks like your favourite cartoon character or creating a smokable masterpiece, Cody Van Gogh is a true innovator in the world of cannabis art. His work is a testament to the power of creativity and community, and we can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

 If you're interested in seeing Cody’s work for yourself, you’re in luck - he often shares photos and videos of his latest creations on his social media. You can find him on Instagram @Codyvangogh.

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