Top things to do in December in Toronto

Top things to do in December in Toronto

Check Out The Best Things To Do In December in Toronto This Year

No matter how you phrase it, the festive season, the holiday season, and the winter holidays- late November till early January is Toronto's peak time of joy. So even if you don't practice a specific tradition or get sentimental when seeing people ice skating to classical music at Nathan Phillips Square, this period offers an opportunity to be less cynical and celebrate life.

The holiday season in Toronto is something to be celebrated no matter when it arrives. For those who want to kick off the festivities right away, December ushers in all sorts of jolly activities like the beloved Distillery Christmas Market and Glow Toronto. The cobblestone streets, red Starbucks cups, and elaborately decorated windows fill everyone with holiday cheer so that people get into a festive mood as soon as possible. So whether you're prepared for it or not - wintery nostalgia awaits. Let’s dive into some of the best things you can do this December in Toronto, whether you’re into cannabis or not

! What Type of Activities Are There to Do in Toronto In The Winter?

Toronto is a great city to explore in the winter months, especially for those who enjoy cannabis. There are plenty of activities to do within the city limits that will make you forget the cold outside temperatures. If you’re looking for an activity with friends or just want something different from your usual routine, why not try out one of Toronto's many hot-box lounges?

Enjoy some quality time and smoke sessions inside these cozy establishments surrounded by like-minded people. Or take it outdoors and go on a walking tour through Kensington Market while sampling local eateries along the way! If experiencing art is more your style, then check out Graffiti Alley – packed with colorful murals that never fail to inspire creativity and appreciation of street culture in all its forms.

Finally, for those seeking something even more immersive, be sure to visit HotBox Café – Canada’s first cannabis lounge where attendees can purchase products from dozens of vendors and learn about history, law reform efforts, and new developments related to marijuana policy in Canada. Whatever type of activity catches your eye this winter season, plenty of things are available when exploring Toronto through 420-friendly eyes!

Start With Outdoor Winter Activities in Toronto

Winter in Toronto can be a great time to get outdoors and enjoy some of the many activities available. From skiing, snowshoeing, and ice fishing, there is something for everyone. For those looking to take things up a notch, winter sports like hockey or curling offer plenty of excitement during colder months. Additionally, weed smokers in Canada can explore local conservation areas or bundle up for an outdoor bonfire with friends while staying warm at night! If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy the nature scene that Toronto has to offer, we invite you to try bird watching, snowmobiling, and sledding. With all of these options, finding something fun is easy no matter where you live within the city limits! Plus, with a Kindling Cannabis subscription box, you can enhance every experience with a personalized box of top-shelf cannabis and CBD products (delivered for free!).

Events and Festivals Available in December in Toronto

Toronto in December is the perfect time to discover new events and festivals for all who enjoy cannabis. From pop-up holiday markets to exclusive puffs, Toronto has something for everyone regarding celebrating marijuana culture. For starters, join one of the many 420-friendly meetups that take place throughout the city every month - a great way to connect with like-minded people and discuss topics related to cannabis use in Canada.

For those looking for more structured activities, there are regular classes on cooking with cannabis or growing your own plants held at local venues such as Bloor Street Market or The Hot Box Lounge & Café. There's also Weedstock Festival – an annual event that features live music performances alongside educational seminars about various aspects of legal marijuana use in Canada. For those who love food and Christmas, check out the Holiday Fair In The Square, which includes food, shopping, ice skating, and more! The Square is surrounded by some of the best restaurants in Toronto, so you’ll surely find something delightful here regardless of your dietary preferences

! Shopping & Dining Experiences Available in December

December is a great time to explore the shopping and dining experiences available in Toronto for weed smokers in Canada. From cozy cafes to luxurious lounges, there are plenty of places where you can enjoy high-quality cannabis products while staying warm during the winter months. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or want to treat yourself, Toronto has something special waiting around every corner. For example, some restaurants offer outdoor seating options with fire pits so guests can stay cozy while indulging with munchies in style. Meanwhile, retail stores like Vapor Central specialize in providing top-quality vaporizers and accessories at competitive prices—perfect for those chilly nights spent cuddled up inside

! Let Kindling Help Enhance Your December Experience In Toronto Toronto is an excellent destination for tourists during the winter months. Despite the cold, plenty of must-see attractions will keep you entertained and make your visit to Toronto genuinely memorable. And if you’ve been reading this article wondering if weed is legal in Toronto, don’t worry! You can safely partake as long as you abide by Ontario’s laws.

From an ice skating tour at Nathan Phillips Square to exploring The Distillery District or visiting Ripley's Aquarium, these attractions offer something for everyone looking for fun activities in Toronto during the year's colder months. Coupled with fantastic local restaurants and cafes offering cozy winter menus, visitors can enjoy all that Toronto offers from December through March! December in Toronto is an exciting time of year, with lots to do and see! From the must-see attractions for tourists to outdoor winter activities that all kinds of people can enjoy—Toronto has a lot on offer. For weed smokers looking to partake while they’re in town during December, ordering with Kindling is the best way to get cannabis and CBD products delivered right away.

So if you're planning a trip this month or want some quality weed experiences at home before everything slows down for the holidays: order your goodies from Kindling and get them delivered within one hour or less!

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