Home Run High: Your Must-Have Cannabis Essentials for Baseball Games

Home Run High: Your Must-Have Cannabis Essentials for Baseball Games

Spring is here which means the Opening MLB Day is right around the corner.

The nice weather calls for going out to some baseball games, especially if you live in Toronto. But, what even is seeing a Blue Jays game without weed? With various different strains, blends, and methods, it can be tough to pick the right products to keep you energized throughout the day and have you relaxing at the end of the night. Which is why we’ve got everything you may need before, during, and after going to the big game to enhance your experience in different ways. From discrete and energizing to relaxing and calming, let’s get into our favourite blends and cannabis products for the upcoming game:

Before the game:

As a pre-game pick-me-up, we recommend grabbing an energizing strain such as our Wana Quick Rinse and Shine Clementine CBG/THC.

These 1:1 Clementine-flavoured Sativa soft chews have 5 mg of CBG and 5 mg of THC which can help boost your energy and mood, getting you in the right headspace for the long game ahead. Not to mention, you can pop these chews in right before heading into the game with no hassle!


During the game:

We know, we would love to enjoy the game with our favourite joint in hand but sadly, it’s best to use discrete products and methods that won’t distract from the action on the field.

That’s where our Feather Melon Bubble THC Rapid Spray Blend comes in handy. With 2 mg of THC per dose, it can easily be sprayed under the tongue for a quick and subtle high and a tasty blast of melon bubble. These can even be sprayed into your food or drink for a more traditional edible experience.


After the game:

 After about 3 hours or 9 innings, you’re ready to go home and chill. Our favourite post-game blends such as the Ufeelu Calm Drops can be applied under the tongue or added to your drink of choice and are great for helping you unwind and relax.

These Calm Drops are made with 900mg of CBD, 300mg of CBG, 18 botanical terpenes, and notes of lavender and peppermint. With no THC, you won’t get high but you will feel its calming effects, inflammatory properties, and a decrease in stress… the ultimate way to end your perfect opening MLB Day.


With days until the very anticipated Opening MLB Day, we want to make sure you have the best weed essentials to take your game day experience to the next level. When it comes to choosing the right strains and methods, you can enhance your energy and mood before the game, enjoy a lowkey high during the game, and unwind and relax post-game. With the right weed essentials, such as the ones listed, you’ll be ready to cheer on your team and make the most of your MLB Opening Day experience.

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