Chef Jordan Wagman infused Dinner Recap

Chef Jordan Wagman infused Dinner Recap

We held our first event in January, it was our first go at gathering a few cool people from the local cannabis industry, with the goal of introducing ourselves and the community we're building. The event was a 10-course infused dinner, hosted by the ridiculously talented Chef Jordan Wagman. He was kind enough to have us all over at his house, which was amazing – not only did he have an amazing kitchen and a beautiful home, but he also had the coolest garage turned sesh spot where we of course dabbled in some pre, mid, and post hotboxes.

It was a blast, and we were lucky enough to meet a group of people that we’re glad to consider part of the Kindling gang. From The Disciplined Stoners to El Hasho from BIG Concentrates to Angelina from Blessed Edibles, we had a great crowd of people who graciously took the chance on seeing who these Kindling weirdos were. Before we get any further into our night, we have to give a HUGE shout-out to Chef Wagman for having us at his humble abode and treating us to a hell of a night. We had a blast, the food was amazing, and the vibes were too. Wagman is a James Beard Nominated Chef (Yeah, that's basically like the Grammys for chefs) and just an all-around awesome person. To learn more about him check out our podcast with him where he goes in-depth about himself, his career, and his journey with cannabis.

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Here’s How Our Night Went:

We all get there, get aquatinted with each other over a faaaat sesh (of course). We had boxes of infused drinks, infused pre-rolls, hash, the Studenglass, and who knows what else, we forget. After that Wagman had us come inside and started the dinner off with a toast, here's what the 10 courses looked like from there.

Blueberry Peppermint Fruit Leather (3mg THC, Blueberry Kier Royale, Flow Scientific’s Blue Skittelz Terpenes )

We had the fruit leather to start off the night, It was extremely reminiscent of the Sunrype fruit bars that kids eat, it was basically the terpier adult version of that. Delicious and definitely got the palette and stomach excited. 

Beet Salad, Coconut Feta, Hemp Seeds (5mg THC)

Wagman opened up this salad by telling us the feta was from goat’s milk that had only been milked a few days prior. Mindblowing, some of the best cheese we’ve ever had. This salad was refreshing, super light, and a great glance for us to see what the rest of the night would look like. Not only was this infused, but it included hemp seeds – We really got our dose of cannabis during this dinner. 

Layered Potato, Tomato Sauce, Capers, Scallion (10mg CBDA)

Never had a potato this good, shit had no idea it was even possible for potatoes to be this good. So tasty, and had the perfect amount of crunch. The sauce was ridiculous, and there was no way anyone would've guessed it was infused, 

Pickled Radish Taco, Cauliflower, Avocado Purée (Limonene)

Wegman's attention to flavour was introduced to us with this one. Focusing on the limonene terpene, this taco was light, refreshing, and has the perfect amount of tanginess.

Celeriac Chilli, Celery Leaves, Cilantro, Fried Kale, Avocado Cream (Limonene, THCA)

This dish continued with the limonene flavour palette, making the transition from taco to chilli way too smooth. Not even sure what celeriac really is but this slapped. Thought we might have tasted the THC infusion on this dish but nope, just some bomb fried kale. 

Smoke break.

I mean, what did we expect with this many stoners in one room?

Shrimp Salad, Bok Choy Brussels, Roasted Red Pepper, Grapes, Sorrel (CBD and THCA)

These dishes had us feeling like we were travelling the world. The inspirations from different cultures were highlighted throughout the dishes, which makes sense considering Wagman’s travelled all over the world to cook. This was another amazing dish and kept the momentum going strong. 

Gnocchetti, Oxtail, Pesto (2mg THC)

Speaking of cultural inspiration… infused Gnocchetti and Oxtail? That's lowkey one of the most Toronto dishes ever and we’re here for it. Wagman didn't serve us Gnocchi, he went all out and gave us gnocchetti, not sure what the difference is but gnocchetti definitely sounds cooler. This was a huge crowd-pleaser, and finally tasted a hint of the THC which was deliciously paired with the pesto. 

Aged Striploin, Toasted Hemp Seeds, Honey Mustard Sauce (10mg CBD)

If you were to judge chefs solely on their ability to cook steak, Wagman would knock the competition out of the water. The toasted hemp seeds? Such a good touch. Steak & Weed. A combo made in heaven. Not sure what else there is too say. 

Duck/Kumquat/Artichoke (Flow Scientific’s Tangerine Terpenes)

Walking into this, I had never heard the words “duck”, “kumquat”, and “artichoke” together in one sentence, but I left this event a changed person. The kumquat and the tangerine terpenes paired with the savoury flavour of the duck was mouthwatering, Wagman finalized the entrees with a bang.

Vegan Chocolate Truffles (3mg THC)

By this point, everyone was full and nearing their limits. But, Wagman continued his streak of impressing us with these jaguar chocolate truffles (Didn't even know jaguars made chocolate until then). The chocolate was perfectly sweet and bitter, ending the night off with a subtle sweetness to tie us over. 

Overall, The Meal Was Amazing.

Everyone had left saying it was one of the best meals we had ever experienced, which is insane considering it was all infused. Usually, there are negative connotations surrounding the flavour of infused food, but Wagman completely shut those claims down by showcasing how the flavour profiles between cannabis can work with food.

Watch A Recap Of Our Event Here!

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