Infused Strawberries Recipe

Carlen Costa
Infused Strawberries

Why infuse food?

Smoking weed can sometimes feel like too much, especially for new consumers. Women report wanting more discretion for their consumption because of the stigma still associated with it. Therefore, edibles are often considered a safe, discreet, and effective means of attaining the therapeutic and/or intoxicating effects of cannabis without exposure to the potentially harmful risks of smoking. 

Here’s why cooking with cannabis is hot stuff in 2023:

  • Cannabis doesn’t have to get you stoned and get help you elevate what you want to feel
  • Eating cannabis is a healthy alternative to smoking it
  • It’s great for pain relief
  • It’s great for nausea
  • It’s great for a good time!
Today, I have become your new favourite sexy chef and have a recipe for Dirty Girl Double Chocolate Infused Strawberries.

You’ll need:

  • Half a dozen strawberries
  • Your favourite melting chocolate
  • Nutella
  • Your canna oil of choice

 Infused Strawberries


Step 1: Decarb your bud & infuse into an oil or buy it already made Step 2: Fold your oil into your stuffing of choice Step 2: Prep your strawberries Step 3: Melt your chocolate Step 4: Stuff your strawberries with a piping bag Step 5: Dip your strawberries in the warm chocolate Step 6: Let rest and enjoy!

Here’s how I made mine:

I first cleaned the strawberries and removed the stems, exposing the hollow centers. Gently fold the perfect dose of canna oil to 1 cup of Nutella. Mix gently until they become one. Put your Nutella mixture into a piping bag and fill your berries. Meanwhile, melt your favourite types of chocolate and dip your strawberries, then let rest to solidify. Sprinkle with edible gold flakes, nuts or sprinkles for some added flavour and enjoy eating these solo or bring to your date night for an elevated lovestoned experience.
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