Low-Sugar, High-Vibes; Our Favourite Sugar-Free Infused Drinks

Infused Drinks
Whether you're a seasoned stoner or just getting into it, infused drinks are the perfect option beyond flowers and edibles. If you’re not feeling a drink with high sugar, we’ve got low-sugar options from CBD to THC that are still packed with flavour! let’s get into some of our favourite sugar-free drinks currently on the market: Little Victory Celtzer, Celtzer Mixer Pack
Our Favourite Sugar-Free Infused Drinks: Little Victory Celtzer

Looking for something relaxing? Say no more, we’ve got you with this sugar-free mixer pack comes with 2 lime and 2 raspberry celtzers with 2.5mg CBD and 2.5 mg THC per can that is sure to have you feeling euphoric and relaxed. A great alternative to alcoholic seltzers in terms of flavour, we love these as a sugar-free cannabis beverage alternative made with all-natural flavours. For those with a higher tolerance, this 1:1 can be enjoyed on your own or shared with friends. Pull up to a party with a pack or two of these, you'll be a crowd favourite.

Quatreau Cucumber & Mint Sparkling Water If you like Bubly’s, we’re sure you’ll like this Quatreau beverage. Made with 0 grams of sugar and a refreshing cucumber and mint flavour, this sparkling water-infused drink is perfect for a summer day. For when you want to skip out on the THC and reap the benefits of strictly CBD, this beverage includes 20 mg CBD and 0 THC.

Our Favourite Sugar-Free Infused Drinks Quatreau Cucumber & Mint Sparkling Water

Versus Rapid Seltzer Mango We like to call this next drink “the cannabis-infused cousin of a White Claw". These Versus Rapid Seltzers are made with 10 mg of THC and 1 mg of CBD, which is sure to have you feeling cool, calm, and collected. With only one gram of sugar, this carbonated beverage still gives you that sweet taste without all the sugar. Not to mention, these Rapid Seltzers are made to have almost no cannabis taste or smell.

Our Favourite Sugar-Free Infused Drinks: Versus Mango Rapid Seltzer

Phresh Grape For our grape lovers, let us introduce you to Phresh Grape - the ultimate infused sparkling water with 10 mg of THC and zero added sugar. Inspired by classic grape-flavoured rolling papers, we love this drink for its bold concord grape flavour unlike any other. This is our go-to when we want to feel energized, happy, relaxed, and calm. Drinking this one is reminiscent of our childhood days spent drinking grape soda.

Our Favourite Sugar-Free Infused Drinks: PHRESH - Grape

Proper Lemon Lime-Infused Sparkling Water When you’re craving a classic but not the sugar, we’ve got you covered with the Proper Lemon Lime Infused Sparkling Water. You can't go wrong with a lemon & lime flavour and that’s no exception for this 10 mg THC and 0 CBD drink. This is one of our favourite picks for when we're looking for those classic citrus flavours without the added sugar. Simple, flavourful, and potent – this drink checks all the boxes.

Our Favourite Sugar-Free Infused Drinks: Proper Lemon Lime Infused Water
With so many options available, finding a sugar-free cannabis-infused drink that still tastes good can be difficult to navigate but it doesn’t have to be. We get it, sometimes you want that healthier option without giving up the things you love most in life, and that includes the cannabis you're consuming. For times when you just want to relax, hang out with friends or even skip out on THC and focus on CBD, there’s an infused drink option for everyone.
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