Shaken, Stirred, & Stoned: "Ginger Blood Orange Spritzer"

Ginger Blood Orange Spritzer
We're back with another mocktail recipe to keep you high & free of any hangovers. A little different than our last recipe, this one is still easy to make and has an amazing flavour profile! This spritzer is incredibly refreshing, making it great for a hot summer and easy enough to make for your next party.
Ginger Blood Orange Spritzer


Ginger ale Cannabis infused honey or maple syrup Juice from ½ blood orange Sugar and fresh or candied blood orange slices to garnish (optional)
 Blood Orange


Step 1: Pour out half of a can of ginger ale into a glass. Step 2: Squeeze the juice out half of a blood orange, and add it to your ginger ale. Step 3: Add your infused maple syrup or honey to the drink mixture. Step 4: Stir up your drink! Step 5: Optional, but feel free to sugar the rim and add a candied blood orange slices for garnish.

Serving Size:

Depending on the size of the drink you’d like, you can split these into about 1-2 glasses. And just like that, you’ve finished making your cannabis infused mocktail! We hope you have a blast with this recipe, drink it for a night out or the next time you have friends over. Remember to be sure start low and take it slow when it comes to edible cannabis products.

We recommend infusing your drink with these products! Be sure to look at their levels of THC and CBD before purchasing.


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