Behind the brand: Sheesh Sodas

Jeremy Bouvet
Behind the brand: Sheesh Sodas

Matt Cherkas, found of Sheesh Sodas recently joined us on our podcast 'Better Your Best'

The "Better Your Best" podcast, hosted by Kindling founder Michael Davis, invites innovators to share their experiences in Canada’s burgeoning cannabis industry. This episode introduces us to serial entrepreneur Matt Cherkas, Co-founder and Managing Director of Sheesh Hash Sodas.



Cherkas’ entrepreneurial journey is both fascinating and inspiring.

He began his career in the restaurant industry, owning Yours Truly Restaurant in Toronto, and gradually made his way into the beverage industry. His experiences ranging from Director of Sales and Marketing at Peak Drive Beverages to Director of Craft Beverage at Pasha Brands, to Sales Manager at Level Up Infusions ultimately prepared him for the creation of his own cannabis-infused beverage brand, Sheesh Hash Sodas.

Matt Cherkas - Co-Founder / Managing Director - Thirsty Hash Co. | LinkedIn

Sheesh Sodas takes a radical approach to the cannabis beverages space.

Through a convergence of creativity, quality ingredients and innovation, Sheesh Hash Soda’s is one of Ontario’s top selling infused-beverages. Sheesh Hash Sodas is a refreshing soda infused with strain-specific, solventless bubble hash made from AAA flower supplied by Canada's top growers. The unique beverage does not compromise on quality and flavor; it is made with real cherry juice, offering a top-notch taste devoid of artificial flavors. Every 355mL can delivers a full spectrum, strain-specific experience, packing 10mg of THC. Sheesh Hash Soda is the first hemp-infused beverage to be offered in the Ontario market.

Cherkas brings with him invaluable insights into the realm of cannabis-based beverage products, and he discusses the challenges and triumphs of his entrepreneurial journey in this riveting podcast episode. Cherkas provides insights from his experiences running a popular downtown Toronto restaurant, selling craft soda with his cousin, building distribution networks working with the CEO of Pepsi Canada, and touring cannabis beverage operators across the US, ultimately culminating in the creation of Sheesh Hash Sodas.

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As you tune into this episode, you will gain deeper insights into the burgeoning cannabis beverage industry.

Matt Cherkas embodies the spirit of 'Better Your Best', providing key takeaways to listeners keen on personal and professional growth.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a dreamer with an idea, or someone seeking inspiration, Matt Cherkas's journey offers lessons for everyone. So tune in, absorb the insights, and let Sheesh Hash Sodas' story inspire you to aim higher, overcome your obstacles, and truly better your best.

Be sure to give Sheesh Hash Sodas a try next time you’re shopping for infused beverages!

Join us for the next episode of "Better Your Best" for more stories of extraordinary individuals who exemplify the spirit of growth, learning, and constant self-improvement.

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