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In North America, the debate over which country does weed better between Canada and the United States has run rampant for years.

\With the legalization of recreational cannabis use in all of the Great White North and a good portion of America’s Fifty States, the question has and should be posed: who has the better buds? Weed culture is thriving overall in 2023, with buds being more accessible to more people, as well as never looking and smoking better. Because of this, it’s hard to exactly define what “better” means. I mean, marijuana is completely legal everywhere in Canada, while America is still trying to get that all sorted out, so us Canucks win in that department for sure. When it comes to quality of industry and potency, well, maybe the discussion shifts a little bit.

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The question of whether cannabis is more potent in Canada or the United States is an interesting one.

To answer this question, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, it’s important to understand the difference in policies between the two countries when it comes to cannabis legalization. Just like tobacco and alcohol, there are rules and regulations that must be followed in order to sell or consume cannabis safely and legally, and sometimes these guidelines directly affect the quality of marijuana and its potency. Again, Canada is much more progressive when it comes to legalization, while America has taken a more conservative approach. In terms of potency, there is some disagreement as to which country produces the stronger weed. In terms of overall THC content, the difference between both countries is fairly minor. In Canada, the limit for THC content is 30% or 10 mg of edibles per container, while in the United States it is 30-33%. Now, that doesn’t automatically mean that the USA produces the best weed, but it does mean you can get stronger stuff.


However, the difference in potency between the two countries becomes more pronounced depending on the specific types of cannabis plants being considered. There are some strains of weed that are more prominent and potent in Canada than in the United States, and vice versa. That being said, the higher potency plants do tend to come from the United States and many Americans believe that their weed is better because of the greater selection of strains and cannabis related history. But again, this doesn’t mean weed grown in a suburban basement somewhere in Michigan will automatically be better than some outdoor grown BC God Bud, or that your average Newfoundland clone plant is going to hit harder than some authentic California honed Kush.

Potent cannabis is one thing, but factoring concentrates and edibles into the equation is a whole other story.

Of course, just like the legalization of marijuana, Canada has been on the forefront of cultivating hashes, oils, butters, and other forms of cannabis concentrates. I remember reading weed forums online in my later teen years where Americans would talk about how you’d be lucky to ever even lay eyes on butter in your lifetime, let alone have the pleasure of smoking it. By that time, growing up in Canada, I had already smoked so many different versions of concentrates that I was sick of them. To read something like that really took me off guard and helped me realize how truly blessed I was to be born where and when I was. Nowadays, soccer moms are vaping dabs at their kids soccer games for Christ Sakes. You can throw a rock and hit a weed store that’s selling oils and other similar products. I’m not complaining, but again, there’s not much difference between Canada and America in this regard either, and a lot of that is due to the industrial side of things. Business is booming and there are some prolific cannabis companies and brands operating in both Canada and America.

Companies like Wana, Sherbinskis, and Cookies are all based in America, but do some of their best business in Canada and internationally. 

with the latter even being considered the most globally recognized cannabis brand.What’s interesting is that again, where Canada is progressive and able to welcome in companies because of their total legalization of marijuana, America is behind the times and still doing things state by state.You can even find a plethora of their products on, such as a variety of different flavored Wana Soft Chews, Sherbinskis bright orange disposable vape pens, or one of Cookies’ coveted strains like GP20.

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When it comes to the overall question of whether cannabis is more potent in Canada or the United States, it is impossible to definitively answer either way.

The potency of cannabis can vary dramatically depending on the region of production, growing conditions, and strain type. As such, I am biased and so because of progression, I’m personally going with Canada.

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