Sameer Padamsey: Pioneering the CBD Experience in Canada with ufeelu

Gemma Mastroianni
Sameer Padamsey: Pioneering the CBD Experience in Canada with ufeelu

Sameer Padamsey, found of ufeelu recently joined us on our podcast 'The Everything Cannabis Podcast'

The 'The Everything Cannabis Podcast', hosted by Kindling CEO & founder Michael Davis, invites innovators to share their experiences in Canada’s burgeoning cannabis industry. This episode introduces us to entrepreneur Sameer Padamsey, founder and operator of ufeelu.

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In the dynamic world of cannabis, Sameer Padamsey shines as a visionary entrepreneur, driving change through his company, ufeelu.

With a strong focus on Zero Intoxication, Broad Spectrum Hemp, and Curated Formulations, Sameer is dedicated to offering the ultimate CBD experience to Canadians. With roots in the legacy days of the cannabis industry, Sameer brings a wealth of experience to ufeelu, where achievements and challenges have marked his journey.

Co-founder and operator of ufeelu, Sameer's journey in the cannabis sector is a blend of impressive accomplishments and formidable hurdles. He acknowledges the exciting phase the industry is going through, considering it a fascinating time. ufeelu specializes in crafting function-focused cannabinoid and botanical oils, meeting the diverse demands of CBD users.

Sameer's insights into the cannabis market are informed and perceptive. While he acknowledges improvements, he understands the complexities that regulations pose for small businesses. Nonetheless, he remains optimistic about the industry's positive trajectory. He's particularly enthusiastic about observing strain-specific offerings emerge in the cannabis beverage realm, indicating a shift towards innovation and customization.

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The foundation of Sameer's approach lies in comprehending the distinct needs of CBD consumers.

He recognizes that consumers seek CBD for various purposes, be it stress reduction, improved sleep, or pain management. With this understanding, Sameer aims to create a range of products catering to these specific intentions. He believes that while there's much uncharted territory scientifically, cannabinoids are increasingly appealing to those seeking natural alternatives.

Sameer's journey into the CBD world began with consumer demand and data-driven insights. Collaborating with a data group in the United States, he discovered that the primary reasons for CBD consumption are mood enhancement, stress relief, better sleep, and pain management. Armed with this information, Sameer embarked on creating products tailored to these exact needs.

ufeelu's customer base primarily consists of older consumers with dietary restrictions. The brand effectively targets various demographics and use cases, resonating especially well with working professionals seeking daytime clarity and individuals aged 25-45 grappling with sleep troubles. Sameer's products provide a promising remedy, offering relief without any intoxicating effects.

In an industry demanding substantial investment, Sameer's self-funded business showcases his unwavering commitment and belief in his vision. Overcoming financial obstacles has been a significant challenge, underscoring the financial strains that entrepreneurs face in the cannabis realm.

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Guided by ufeelu, Sameer has gleaned insights from navigating the regulated cannabis framework.

He's learned that specialization is key to success. This realization has led him to focus on CBD and cannabinoid extraction, dedicating himself to refining formulations, forging strategic partnerships, and educating consumers about ufeelu's unique offerings.

In a relatively short span of about a year, ufeelu has achieved remarkable progress, establishing its presence in 500 retailers across Canada. Given that there are approximately 3500 dispensaries in the nation, this achievement is noteworthy. The brand currently offers three products, with two more set for launch in the upcoming weeks, followed by another two in late October. The trajectory ufeelu is on suggests a promising path of growth and success.

However, growth isn't without its challenges.

Sameer acknowledges that education is pivotal, especially in explaining the nuances of Broad Spectrum Hemp and minor cannabinoids to consumers. Furthermore, marketing within stringent regulatory confines presents its own set of hurdles.

In the capable hands of innovators like Sameer Padamsey, the CBD landscape is undergoing a transformation. Through ufeelu, he's not just creating exceptional products but also contributing to a broader understanding of CBD's potential benefits. As he navigates challenges, Sameer remains an inspiring figure for those who believe in the power of cannabinoids to positively impact lives.

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