Cannabis Products for People Who Love Lemonade

Amanda Breeze
cannabis products for people who love lemonade

Squeeze the Day! Summer is just around the corner, and we're keeping it lemon-lifted and carefree at the Kindling Lemonade Stand!

Slip on your favourite shades and get ready for summer fun because this lemony lineup is guaranteed to brighten your day! From sun-kissed sativas to sour lemon gummies and refreshing craft sodas, our lemonade stand has all the zero-worries weed you need to stay lemon-hazed all summer long.

So, grab the cooler and load up on ice because we're delivering the hottest citrus picks for the sunny daze ahead!

Vacay Sparkling Pink Lemonade

Kick off your summer in style with a refreshing burst of sunshine in a can! Vacay's Sparkling Pink Lemonade is a delicious mix of summer sweetness and lemony sour without any lingering cannabis aftertaste. With 10mg of THC and fast-acting effects, this sparkling pink is one of the dreamiest lemonades around.

For an extra touch of summer magic, garnish this perfectly pink drink with some ripe summer berries, a tiny umbrella, and your favourite swirly straw. 


Zele Lemon Lime Sativa Craft Soda

If Sprite and Mountain Dew teamed up for a smoke sesh, you'd get Zele's incredibly refreshing Lemon Lime Craft Soda. This limonene-boosted bevy is infused with a full-spectrum sativa and 10mg of THC to give you a lift even on the most laid-back afternoons.

A citrus lover's dream, it's infused with terpene-specific whole flower extracts and made with organic real fruit ingredients for a delightfully balanced sweet lemon and sour lime flavour. Add some zest to any backyard party with the freshest citrus sodas of the summer from Zele!


Sourz by Spinach Pink Lemonade Gummies

Summer shenanigans just got sweeter with a 5-pack of Pink Lemonade Sourz by Spinach. Glittering with sour sugar crystals, these funky "S"-shaped gummies deliver the perfect blend of tartness and tang for a true pink lemonade experience.

The official edibles for summer hijinks, each pack contains five pieces, with 2mg of THC in each, so you can get lemon lit with the whole squad. Nothing says summer fun like getting buzzed off a delicious bag of Sourz with friends. Bring a bag or two on every adventure!


Purple Hills Lemon Pepper Live Resin 510 Thread Cartridge

For lemon lovers everywhere! Purple Hills Lemon Pepper Live Resin Cart is a delicious citrus addition to your summer stash. Reminiscent of classic Lemon Haze, this lively sativa delivers a full-bodied sour surge of lemon terps and a surprisingly spicy finish.

Cultivated under the sunny skies of Creemore, Ontario, Purple Hills live resin is extracted from premium fresh-frozen cannabis through a process that captures the natural complexity of each strain's flavour profile. You’ll be lemon glowing with every satisfying citrus puff. 


Divvy Sour Kush

We're smokin' on sunshine with Divvy's Sour Kush straight from the sun-kissed fields of Port Perry, Ontario! This hybrid cultivar is shining bright at 26% THC and loud af! A cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush, it has a tart flavour profile and sour citrus intensity subtly balanced with notes of lemongrass that hit just right.

Divvy's quality flower always shines bright. Whether you're up for a full ounce of pure sunshine or prefer the convenience of a 12-pack of their smoothest pre-rolls, we've got you covered.


Taste the lemon cheer and light up good vibes only with these lemon-lifted favourites and many more from our Kindling Lemonade collection.




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