Brand Spotlight: The Drip

Amanda Ramlal
Brand Spotlight: The Drip

 “At the end of the day good weed will always sell”, Joshua Rutledge the visionary behind The Drip shares.

Flavour Club by “the Drip” - Zeddies : r/TheOCS

The Drip stands out from all other companies on the market today. Focusing on building their brand name they aim to be different, create memorable products for their consumers and keep fresh, new flavour profiles available.

We sat down with Josh to dig deeper into the story behind the well known brand The Drip and what exactly makes them different.

Drip's vision is to always have their brand stand out. They created their unique Flavour Club where they are able to rotate and introduce new strains to people.



Every 2-3 months product is swapped out and buyers/consumers are educated on what new product is coming in. Josh teased a new strain they are soon to be releasing named Frosted Gas Cake. The Drip will drop an amazing product leaving it on the market for about three months then pull it. Having consumers question and wonder “Hey whatever happened to that strain?” Eventually bringing it back around six months creating hype for the product all over again.

Josh takes great pride in The Drip, like many other people it's not always easy finding your drive in life or what you feel you’re most passionate about.



For Josh that always seemed to be weed. At an early age he had taken interest in the art of nurturing and taking care of the plants. Seeing how his care and effort took effect in how the plants turned out just sparked his interest more until he began really diving deep and reading books on how to grow. 

“If you’re not putting in the time to learn and see where you can go next it’s only a matter of time until you’re left behind”, Josh says. 

“There is an excitement and challenge when it comes to growing.” 

One of the biggest issues supplies run into is consistency of product. The Drips flower they produce is all grown using data. Every step and process that is put into the flower being grown is noted so everything is always accounted for. Following data helps narrow down what's exactly happening to create repeatable results when getting products out and into the hands of consumers. 

“The way that we choose (to grow) is the way that we feel the most comfortable to achieve the most consistent end product.” Josh says.

The part that is not data driven is the end product, he shares. What goes out is chosen by what The Drip thinks will give them the best quality product in the end bringing a human element to a database product.

What’s next for the brand is pushing hard for a new spring line containing many new products for people to try. Consumers are always looking for the latest and strongest THC percentages. It’s common to hear “what’s the highest I can get and here's how much money I have.” The Drips goal is to work on building something consumers can trust and have faith in the product being consistent. 

Up and coming is to rotate a candy line as well as a strong gassy line so consumers have options. Heavy smokers are always looking to try something new. They also plan on making pre-rolls to match Flavour Club. 

Make sure you check out our store to get the latest product drops by The Drip.
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