Kindling Spotlight Sessions: Blunt Bae

Kindling Spotlight Sessions: Blunt Bae

Kindling Spotlight Sessions gives us the opportunity to smoke one with unique individuals who consume cannabis, document it, and share it with you. Everyone featured is helps break the stigma that cannabis users are lazy and unsuccessful.

Enjoy the conversation we had with Blunt Bae, while smoking Nugz Gelato Mint Smalls wrapped in a vanilla Backwoods.

So, Who is Blunt Bae? 

I am a cannabis content creator and influencer from Toronto. I have been using cannabis for over 10 years and worked in the legacy industry prior to pursuing social media marketing. In 2019 I created a secret Instagram account to share cannabis content that I couldn’t share elsewhere due to stigma, and ultimately ended up building a brand. I create a variety of content ranging from product reviews to stoner girl lifestyle content.

How long have you been working in the cannabis industry, and was it always as an influencer/content creator?

I have been working in the cannabis industry for over five years. I started in the legacy industry as a budtender until I was forced to leave due to legalization. Post legalization, I created my Instagram account and within a few months, I started receiving messages from brands looking for exposure and help running their Instagram accounts. As I took on more clients, I was able to leave my “day job” at the local bong shop and work from home through the pandemic and onwards.

As a creative, what challenges have you faced in the industry due to restrictions?

The biggest challenge I face as a creative due to legal restrictions would be navigating compensation. As with any form of marketing, the creator should be compensated fairly, but Canadian cannabis brands have their hands tied with restrictions and are forced to comply or bend the rules.


Social media restrictions can be just as challenging to navigate between vague community guidelines, inconsistent enforcement, shadow bans, and plain censorship. 

What are your go-to strains/brands right now?

My go-to product at the dispensary is Terple Hash Rosin by Nugz. The price is unbeatable for the quality and the terps make my mouth water just by thinking about it. My strain of the year is definitely Fried Ice Cream by Headwater Cannabis. It tastes just as delicious as it sounds and it’s the only strain I’ve repurchased since I first tried it. 

You can choose any 4 people for a fat roundtable sesh, Who’s catching the invite?

Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and my best friend, of course.

What do you believe makes content in the cannabis industry successful or stand the test of time?

In the age of social media trends and repurposing sound bites, content needs to be creative, original, and relatable in order to be successful. While following trends and using trending audio clips is popular at the moment, it is a trend, which means it is temporary. The key is utilizing trends to complement your content rather than changing your content to comply with temporary trends.


Any words of advice for people starting out or looking to start creating cannabis-focused content?

Create content that is unique, original, and genuine to you or your brand. Your potential audience will see through inauthenticity and lose any trust and respect they may have for you. Be passionate, and dedicated, and learn to utilize the algorithms to your advantage. Learn the community guidelines regarding cannabis for the platforms you plan to use and be cautious of what you post because even if you are fully compliant, you may still be censored.

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