Most Weed Friendly Places Around the World

Jeremy Bouvet
Most Weed Friendly Places Around the World

As attitudes towards cannabis continue to evolve globally, several destinations have gained a reputation for being particularly welcoming to cannabis enthusiasts. As many of us know, Canada and several parts of the U.S. have legalized weed, but what you may not know is that there are several other countries that have lowered their restrictions on marijuana. Here is a list of the top five weed-friendly places around the globe, where individuals can enjoy cannabis in a legalized or tolerant environment.


Mythbusters: Is cannabis legal in the Netherlands? | NZ Drug Foundation -  At the heart of the matter

Amsterdam has had a long history with the culture surrounding cannabis. The city's famous coffee shops offer a unique experience where individuals can legally purchase and consume cannabis products. Visitors can choose from a wide selection of strains, edibles, and cannabis-infused products while enjoying a laid-back and inclusive atmosphere. However, it's important to note that cannabis laws in the Netherlands are complex, and regulations apply specifically to licensed establishments.


Uruguay's Half-Baked Marijuana Experiment – Foreign Policy

Uruguay made history by becoming the first country in the world to fully legalize recreational cannabis. The capital city, Montevideo, offers a welcoming environment for cannabis enthusiasts. Adults can legally purchase cannabis from licensed pharmacies or choose to grow their own plants at home. Uruguay's progressive approach to cannabis has attracted visitors looking to explore a cannabis-friendly destination with a unique South American charm.


Jamaica is known by many to have embraced a weed-friendly atmosphere. In 2015, the country decriminalized small amounts of cannabis, allowing individuals to possess up to two ounces for personal use without facing criminal charges. This progressive stance aligns with the cultural association of cannabis, particularly within the Rastafarian community, where it is considered a sacrament. Jamaica's relaxed attitude and historical connection to cannabis make it a popular destination for those seeking a weed-friendly experience.


Weed is legal in Thailand but tourists can't smoke - The Washington Post

Thailand is a country that has only recently lifted restrictions on cannabis in the past few years. In 2018, the country legalized medical cannabis, becoming the first in Southeast Asia to do so. In June 2022, Thailand finally decriminalized marijuana in hopes of a boost in local agriculture and tourism. Thailand is also considering the possibility of legalizing recreational cannabis, demonstrating a progressive attitude. Due to the recency of these changes to government, it may take a while for Thailand to fully be a weed-friendly place to visit, however, there is a lot of potential for the next coming years. 

The Czech Republic

Czech Republic Plans To Legalize Cannabis In Coordination With Germany

The Czech Republic has established itself as a weed-friendly destination. It has decriminalized the possession of small amounts of cannabis, allowing individuals to carry up to 15 grams without facing criminal charges. They have also acknowledged the healing properties of marijuana as well, legalizing medical cannabis and making it accessible to patients in need. Prague, the capital city, is known for its vibrant cannabis culture, with numerous cannabis-friendly establishments and events. 

When travelling, it's vital to exercise caution and follow the laws when consuming cannabis in another country.

Laws and regulations surrounding cannabis vary significantly from one country to another. It is crucial to research and understand the local laws before partaking in any cannabis-related activities. Respecting the laws and cultural norms ensures personal safety, shows consideration for the local community, and helps avoid potential legal consequences that could negatively impact the travel experience.

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