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It's Canada's birthday, and we're celebrating with a cross-country sesh featuring the dankest eh-list Canadian-grown flower! From the rocky shores of the Atlantic to the lush valleys of the Pacific, it’s a coast-to-coast cannabis adventure.

Pack your rolling papers, clean your bong, and get ready for a flavourful flight across the True North, loud and green because we’re blazing a trail across our beautiful country, with Canada’s finest cannabis one puff at a time. 

West Coast: Pure Sunfarms, Baked Animal

Celebrate Canada Day with a taste of beautiful British Columbia! Grown in the lush Fraser Valley, Baked Animal is the dessert strain of your dreams.

This stunning flower is dense, colourful, and absolutely coated in sugary trichomes. Its flavour profile combines sweet summer berries and creamy cake batter, topped off with a slightly skunk finish. A potent hybrid at 29% THC, it’s a cross of Canada's popular strain Animal Face and Baker's Delight. Hand-harvested and trimmed, Baked Animal delivers the legendary flavour and experience you expect from Canada’s West Coast cannabis scene.

Pure Sun Farms - baked animal


Prairies: Bold Growth- Root Beer Float 

Hello Saskatchewan! Expect the unexpected with Bold Growth's artisanal cultivar, Root Beer Float. This rare indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between XXX OG and Vanilla Kush, boasting a whopping 37% THC!

These gorgeous fluffy emerald-green buds showcase bright amber hairs and milky trichomes that have been slow-cured and hand-trimmed for some serious bag appeal. Root Beer Float’s flavour profile is surprisingly complex: creamy, sweet, and herbal, with a mix of vanilla, tea, and honey complemented by citrus and a hint of pine. Prepare to be wowed by this exceptional strain.

Bold Growth- Root Beer Float


Ontario: Divvy, Papaya Power

We're halfway across the country, so why not stop and savour the full flavour of Ontario sun-grown cannabis with Divvy's Papaya Power! This strain captures the true taste of Ontario cannabis! 

Cultivated in Divvy's outdoor garden in the picture perfect town of Port Perry, Papaya Power is a flavour-packed standout strain, boasting an impressive 27% THC. An indica-dominant flower, it features dense, bright crystalline buds that are as visually appealing as they are delicious. A delightful cross of Papaya and Blue Power, this cultivar delivers a full-bodied blast of rich tropical notes perfect for any summertime sesh.

Divvy, Papaya Power


Quebec: SUMO, Apex OG

Bienvenue au Québec! Grown in Trois-Rivières, SUMO's Apex OG boasts a high-flying 29% THC and impressively loud terpene profile thanks to its Legendary Larry x Garlic Chem lineage.  These dense glittering nugs are hand-trimmed to perfection with exceptional flavour featuring diesel, earthy, and sour citrus.

Apex OG is cultivated using aeroponics, a soil-less technique where roots develop in open air! A specialized spray chamber provides precise nutrients and watering to enhance growth. At the end of the flowering cycle, a deep rinse ensures a pure taste and whiter smoke. If you love high terpenes and THC, you’ll enjoy rolling up some of Quebec's finest flower from SUMO.



Atlantic Canada: Reef, Queen SanG

Welcome to the Maritimes! Roll up some East Coast magic with Reef's award-winning Queen SanG! This rare cultivar is a sativa-leaning hybrid dominated by limonene and pinene terps. It’s a cross between the legendary strains Royal Kush and Mimosa and features a delightfully fruity sweet orange and lemon flavour.

At 33% THC, Queen SanG is a true gem of the East Coast. Cultivated in organic living soil straight from Nova Scotia, Reef's sustainable aquaponic system brings out the best flavours and high yields by nourishing the plants with nutrient-rich water from over 800 koi fish!

Reef, Queen SanG


Happy Canada Day from Kindling!

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