REVIEW: Dessert By Oddball

REVIEW: Dessert By Oddball

Oddball "Dessert" is a rotating SKU, from Sunday Market's newest brand. Currently, its Garlato, which is a cross between GMO and Gelato #41.


Nug Quality: 4/5

Visual Examination: The nug was pretty dense, light green and covered in peachy hairs. It had a moderate amount of trichomes, nothing disappointing but nothing surprising.

Moisture Content: They nailed the moisture, it ground up really nicely. Perfect for rolling, and definitely not anything close to dust

Aroma and Taste: 3.5/5

Odour Strength: Opening the jar unleashed a potent aroma that filled the room. Definitely had a strong scent.

Aromas: Initially funky and sour, a bit like dirty socks, never smelt any strain like this. Lacking any familiarity with GMO or Gelato. BUT grinding it brought out those sweet gelato sweet notes, like a mix of sweet and sour without the initial funky smell.

Flavour Profile: Smoking lacked a strong punch, it started sweet but faded quickly.


Consumption Experience: 3.5/5

Burn Test: The ash leaned towards the darker side, around ⅗ in purity.

Smoothness and Harshness: Unexpectedly smooth hits, pleasantly surprising.


    Effect and Potency: 4/5

    Potency and Strength: Sneaky high, a balanced hybrid—hits the mind first but relaxes the body. Moderately strong.

    Duration: Kept up for a little over an hour.

      Overall Quality: 3.75/5

      Overall, a solid 3.75/5. The smell might not suit everyone initially, but it improved after grinding. Despite the darker ash, the smoking experience was smooth. Enjoyable effects and bud moisture made it a decent smoke.
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