REVIEW: General Admission Taster Pack

REVIEW: General Admission Taster Pack



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3 x 0.5 Gram Pre-Rolls


Grapey Grape, Watermelon Splash, Lykke Lychee (Sounds like legit strains)




Package Date

 July 20, 2023



Grapey Grape: 33.93%

Watermelon Splash: 37.69%

 Lykke Lychee: 38.29%



All less tyhan 1%

Total Terpenes



Aroma & Flavour

All of them taste and smell like their name, but almost too much? It’s super articifical, but if thats your thing then you’ll love this. Its seriously like candy. If you hate the taste of weed, go with these. 


The high on all of these were super similar, hard, fast, and long lasting. While some other reviewers on reddit say they experience different highs from the taster pack, we found them to be pretty much the same across the board. If you feel like getting absolutely blasted, smoke these.



Roll isnt bad, not great though. Super loose by the filter, could be pushed in a bit to made tighter. Airflow was solid which is what really matters.



Salt and paper ash, closer to the darker side. Could be due to the kief and the distillate though.

Smoking Experience 

We must say, the smoke on this is pretty smooth. You may think the distillate and all the kief could make it harsh, but it really wasnt bad. If anything all of that extra stuff made it last longer.



Distillate infused pre-rolls difereintly arent everyones thing, but we had to give these a go because of their popularity. These seem to be one of the most popular products in the province, and we understand why. With legal cannabis still being relatively new, it makes sense why new consumers would want to try great tasting products like this. It kind of doesnt even feel like your smoking weed because of how artificial the taste is, and gets you way more stoned than the average pre roll.



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