WTF is Aquaponics?

Devlyn Spencer
WTF is Aquaponics?

There are a few brands that really draw the best of what aquaponics are in Canada. 

Check out what it is and who’s using it!

What Exactly is Aquaponics?

An aquaponic is a system of aquaculture where the waste of fish or other aquatic animals supply nutrients for plants grown hydroponically which on the flip side also purifies the water. Although it may sound like a new method of propagation, it is one of the oldest. Aztecs practiced aquaponics back in 1150 AD. They created small artificial islands on lakes using reeds and grass. These islands would act as a garden bed and hold the plants with their roots suspended in the water. Rather than feeding fertilizers to the plants, they let the lake's natural ecosystem feed the plants. Through evolution, aquaponics has spread to many other countries and is quite a phenomenon within agriculture. Aquaponic grow systems are solely founded on the nutrients that came from the fish and aqualife you bring into your grow, making it more efficient than your hydroponic system needing a plant mix of formula for your reservoir.

Growing with an aquaponic system, you’re growing organically.

Not only are you growing some top shelf kush, you’re also providing a habitat to fish, farming both a plant and aqualife. Both the growing setup and fish tanking add up to be very costly, at a good reasoning. If you have yet to ever grow weed, or farm fish, aquaponics is certainly not the route you want to venture on. For the best of your interest and budget, you must be knowledgeable on both subjects as you’re combining two different farms and creating a high tier grow operation. This is an expensive option for growing weed yet it is one of the best considering how clean your flower comes. There are no additives, pesticides or chemicals involved with aquaponic cannabis growth. Truly you have the bud come at you as it is grown, naturally through water and our friends we call fish. 


Reef Organic out of Brooklyn, NS are products grown by Canada’s First Clean Green Certified LP (Licensed Producer).

They claim they grow with 1,000 koi fish and are committed to keeping waters clean, with no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides in the process. The design in place by Reef uses 90% less water and 50% less energy consumption than the average indoor cultivation.

Shop Reef Here

Our Story - Reef Organic Cannabis

Cake & Caviar from the Shuswap region of BC is also growing with aquaponics,

using a sustainable and waste-free approach to growing weed where water, nutrients, and CO2 are captured from farming certified organic coho salmon. This makes Cake & Caviar the only company in Canada to be certified under Canadian Organic Standards. 

Shop Cake & Caviar Here

Cake & Caviar to launch cannabis products in Germany – Kindling

If you find yourself with the time, space, money and knowledge, this is definitely a method of growing to consider.

If you have the chance, please become the parent of some fish and beautify your plants with love. This is the best way of growing cannabis as far as quality goes, for top shelf flowers this is the route to follow.    

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