Famous People You Probably Didn't Know Were Stoners

Famous People You Probably Didn't Know Were Stoners

The shifting cultural landscape around cannabis use is nothing short of fascinating.

For decades, the stigmas surrounding marijuana have made it a taboo topic, leading many to shroud their consumption in secrecy. Historically, cannabis use was associated with counter-culture movements, perceived laziness, or a lack of ambition. This was especially true in the world of celebrities, where public image is paramount. However, as laws and attitudes have evolved, so too has the openness with which people discuss their relationship with the plant. A wave of acceptance has washed over society, leading to a new era where discussions around cannabis aren't just about its recreational use but also its therapeutic potential. This refreshing change is evident even among the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Several celebrities have occasionally partaken in cannabis consumption, some for recreation, some for health. Let's dive into a list of renowned individuals who have enjoyed cannabis but haven't made it a primary focus of their public persona.

Morgan Freeman:

The iconic actor, with a voice that could even make a phone book sound interesting, has expressed his support for cannabis legalization. He uses it for pain relief after a serious car accident in 2008.

Morgan Freeman Loves Pot: I'll Eat It, Drink It, Smoke It, Snort It! -  YouTube

Jennifer Aniston:

Our beloved Rachel from "Friends" has mentioned in interviews about her occasional enjoyment of cannabis. It's not a focal point of her public image, but she's expressed that she sees nothing wrong with it.

Whoopi Goldberg:

Goldberg may have a medical cannabis line designed for women, but the broader aspect of her public life doesn't revolve around it. She's been vocal about using a vape pen to relieve headaches and other pains.

Whoopi Goldberg's cannabis company shuts down | Fox Business


Brad Pitt:

Brad admitted to heavy cannabis use, especially during the '90s. He's since taken steps to quit, especially while raising a family.


Madonna, never one to shy away from controversy, has occasionally touched upon her cannabis use. Still, with an ever-evolving career, it's just a footnote in her storied life.

Madonna, 62, gets marijuana smoke blown into her mouth by beau Ahlamalik  Williams on Instagram | Daily Mail Online

Kirsten Dunst:

Kirsten has shared her "worldly, Parisian" view on marijuana in interviews but hasn't made it a well-known aspect of her image.

Justin Timberlake:

The multifaceted performer has shared in interviews that he occasionally partakes but ensures it doesn't hinder his productivity.

Justin Timberlake Smokes Weed...and So Should You - theJasmineBRAND


Patrick Stewart:

The esteemed actor uses cannabis-based products for his arthritis, expressing that they provide significant relief.

Patrick Stewart admits to using medical marijuana daily

Cameron Diaz:

Diaz, during her interviews, has reminisced about her days of buying weed from a fellow classmate, Snoop Dogg.

Stephen King:

While King has admitted to using marijuana and other substances in his past, they haven't played a central role in his famous reputation as a prolific author.

Nine Authors Who Smoked Weed | High Times

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